Players Online

Name Level Race Class Guild Gender Total Time Played
Sjoah 70 Gnome Warrior The God of Warriors Male 277d 13h 28m
Quimera 70 Blood Elf Paladin Svensk Male 222d 19h 18m
Hotfist 70 Troll Mage We Wipe On Trash Male 208d 14h 22m
Chlenix 70 Tauren Druid Svensk Male 207d 2h 38m
Nalind 70 Night Elf Rogue Female 199d 16h 3m
Wemen 70 Troll Mage Horrible Male 173d 13h 12m
Vikiz 70 Human Warrior Alliance Expedition Male 167d 3h 53m
Apolyon 70 Blood Elf Paladin We Wipe On Trash Male 144d 19h 28m
Dessmark 70 Blood Elf Rogue Male 131d 15h 28m
Deplorable 70 Dwarf Paladin Sorry Not Sorry Male 131d 15h 9m
Kinkynurse 70 Human Priest Sorry Not Sorry Female 124d 11h 53m
Ryepudding 70 Gnome Warlock dissonance Male 123d 19h 46m
Vulpa 70 Tauren Druid EternaI Gamers Male 115d 23h 52m
Mirandy 70 Blood Elf Paladin Horrible Female 114d 9h 33m
Hale 70 Gnome Warrior HALE ME Male 110d 20h 1m
Thegreatsale 70 Night Elf Priest We wipe on trash Female 104d 15h 28m
Qardor 70 Human Warlock Voodoo Male 102d 8h 1m
Schuft 70 Human Rogue The First Crusade Male 100d 20h 47m
Rawfool 70 Dwarf Hunter Sorry Not Sorry Male 100d 13h 49m
Puddi 70 Night Elf Druid lookin good feelin good Female 99d 2h 42m
Atithasos 70 Orc Hunter Male 98d 3h 18m
Kekety 70 Orc Warrior Male 97d 18h 11m
Tictoclock 70 Gnome Warlock Sons of Lothar Male 97d 6h 42m
Escoriah 70 Blood Elf Priest Female 92d 9h 27m
Dnd 70 Tauren Druid Svensk Male 92d 8h 47m
Fattycheese 70 Tauren Druid DISSONANCE Male 81d 15h 29m
Nardishan 70 Blood Elf Mage Eternal Guild Bank Djman Female 80d 20h 27m
Consilia 70 Human Warlock Out of Control Female 78d 12h 49m
Erindo 70 Blood Elf Paladin Horde Expedition Male 74d 5h 43m
Azulax 70 Night Elf Hunter UnknowN Female 72d 18m
Mentorr 70 Orc Warrior Hiraeth Horde Male 68d 7h 46m
Rageissue 70 Night Elf Warrior Cause and Effect Male 66d 9h 42m
Lichh 70 Blood Elf Paladin The Brightside of Brie Female 65d 16h 40m
Ewake 70 Human Rogue Male 64d 6h 8m
Eptaa 70 Undead Mage Pornhub Male 63d 9h 30m
Circonia 70 Gnome Warlock Sons of Lothar Female 62d 21h 34m
Viana 70 Blood Elf Priest Al Kaida Female 62d 15h 38m
Fygarr 70 Gnome Mage WELCOME TO THE JAM Female 62d 3h 42m
Livehaze 70 Troll Shaman We Wipe On Trash Male 61d 17h 32m
Aban 70 Night Elf Warrior Harmony Male 60d 14h 49m
Omaigad 70 Undead Rogue War Lords Male 59d 20h 30m
Nervouswreck 70 Human Warrior dissonance Male 57d 13h 11m
Snipah 70 Orc Hunter Sunfury Female 56d 18h 32m
Thedruid 70 Tauren Druid Berkshire Hathaway Male 56d 8h 36m
Brucewilles 70 Night Elf Warrior Hiraeth Female 52d 13h 42m
Analah 70 Gnome Warlock Sons of Lothar Female 51d 18h 20m
Wilfrid 70 Undead Rogue EternaI Gamers Male 48d 19h 23m
Ozlobo 70 Undead Rogue Male 46d 11h 8m
Corruptionx 70 Orc Warrior Male 43d 17h 51m
Qei 70 Draenei Shaman The Stag Party Female 42d 15h 54m
Itsuky 70 Blood Elf Mage Abyss Walkers Female 41d 15h 34m
Farks 70 Orc Shaman ESPADA Male 41d 7h 3m
Prekrastnue 70 Night Elf Druid Female 40d 13h 34m
Yumah 70 Blood Elf Paladin Abyss Walkers Female 40d 13h 24m
Chuckboris 70 Undead Warlock Horde Expedition Male 40d 3m
Scrap 70 Human Rogue Walkers of the Abyss Female 38d 23h 23m
Polvorin 70 Dwarf Paladin Tribu los mas Ways Male 37d 23h 3m
Surve 70 Tauren Druid eclipse Male 37d 22h 25m
Bilzo 70 Night Elf Rogue The Rat Pack Male 37d 20h 31m
Greenade 70 Orc Shaman We Wipe On Trash Male 37d 19h 43m
Averix 70 Human Priest Hiraeth Female 37d 13h 20m
Rasw 70 Orc Warlock ESPADA Female 37d 12h 24m
Ageenon 70 Human Paladin demoni cz Male 37d 10h 49m
Rainie 70 Orc Warrior Male 37d 22m
Inmemory 70 Draenei Paladin Sorry Not Sorry Male 36d 15h 54m
Bandi 70 Tauren Warrior Corruption Male 36d 12h 41m
Panagiotisk 70 Night Elf Druid F I G H T C U B S Male 35d 20h 58m
Cmapblu 70 Tauren Druid ESPADA Male 35d 19h 20m
Charlieshiv 70 Undead Rogue ARENA TOURNAMENT Male 34d 4h 23m
Sockbaby 70 Undead Priest Synergy Ascendant Female 33d 19h 4m
Drgreenthumb 70 Orc Shaman Svensk Male 33d 13h 39m
Redemptionz 70 Human Priest Alliance Trade Guard Female 33d 10h 55m
Healsftw 70 Human Priest Pirates Iife Female 33d 4h 27m
Justdodge 70 Tauren Warrior Hunicum Male 32d 22h 27m
Bolera 70 Draenei Paladin Panzerknacker Male 31d 23h 18m
Kruemmelchen 70 Orc Warlock Panzaknacker Female 31d 11h 50m
Toayen 70 Human Warlock Risen United Female 31d 10h 12m
Machala 70 Blood Elf Priest Horrible Female 31d 5h 28m
Unfriendly 70 Blood Elf Paladin DISSONANCE Male 30d 4h 18m
Noobez 70 Tauren Druid Synergy Ascendant Male 29d 15h 54m
Beansprout 70 Gnome Rogue Male 29d 14h 56m
Alexander 70 Dwarf Paladin Male 29d 4h 37m
Lazydaisy 70 Blood Elf Mage Argent Dawn Female 28d 13h 39m
Iamaboat 70 Tauren Warrior Svensk Male 28d 7h 42m
Zeqpirka 70 Draenei Shaman Espada Male 27d 22h 13m
Sognofena 70 Blood Elf Mage Emissari della Fine Female 27d 12h 52m
Parashagovna 70 Gnome Warlock Female 26d 22h 11m
Puffnpray 70 Undead Priest Corruption Male 26d 21h 34m
Tattooed 70 Draenei Shaman Forlorn Male 26d 20h 34m
Adoros 70 Human Mage Eternal Gamers Male 26d 15h 33m
Mchoarder 70 Draenei Shaman dissonance Female 26d 14h 30m
Kaiteya 70 Human Paladin Sons of Lothar Male 26d 4h 24m
Mojokkal 70 Troll Mage Pirates Life Female 26d 2h 16m
Chasko 70 Tauren Druid Male 25d 22h 49m
Roserina 70 Troll Mage Pirates Life Female 25d 3h 36m
Cocochanel 70 Draenei Warrior Espada Female 24d 23h 59m
Speenster 70 Human Priest We wipe on trash Male 24d 22h 38m
Zionbear 70 Tauren Druid ARENA TOURNAMENT Female 24d 22h 36m
Heaveni 70 Undead Mage Recount Male 24d 22h 31m
Justsick 70 Troll Shaman Beast Male 24d 18h 26m
Mysterian 70 Undead Mage BrotherhooD Male 24d 18h 22m
Halflight 70 Human Priest We wipe on trash Female 24d 7h 20m
Warcheg 70 Undead Warrior ESPADA Male 24d 6h 50m
Khorah 70 Dwarf Paladin Alliance Trade Guard Male 23d 18h 34m
Celen 70 Night Elf Druid Hiraeth Female 23d 18h 6m
Catastrophia 70 Blood Elf Priest We Wipe On Trash Female 23d 1h 26m
Rifman 70 Gnome Warlock The First Crusade Male 23d 26m
Isak 70 Tauren Druid Dane Gang Male 22d 22h 11m
Molester 70 Human Paladin Sorry Not Sorry Male 22d 18h 22m
Alodi 70 Dwarf Priest Female 22d 14h 27m
Ewelina 70 Human Mage Hiraeth Female 22d 12h 26m
Lazlu 70 Draenei Shaman Male 21d 18h 48m
Rashkan 70 Night Elf Hunter Hiraeth Male 21d 13h 30m
Moonngold 70 Blood Elf Paladin Recount Female 21d 9h 37m
Khorgan 70 Human Warrior Sons of Lothar Male 21d 7h 52m
Armadaz 70 Night Elf Druid Hiraeth Female 21d 2h 45m
Dinglebolts 70 Troll Shaman COME ON AND SLAM Female 21d 23m
Wraven 70 Undead Rogue Ascendency Male 20d 8h 58m
Holypowah 70 Blood Elf Paladin EternaI Gamers Female 20d 7h 9m
Miray 70 Night Elf Hunter Female 20d 4h 5m
Parashamochi 70 Night Elf Druid Visiting Bieber Female 20d 59m
Sanindruid 70 Tauren Druid Panzaknacker Male 20d 3m
Depres 70 Orc Warrior Female 19d 12h 18m
Shibbanator 70 Gnome Mage Pirates Iife Male 19d 1h 20m
Rexana 70 Night Elf Hunter Female 19d 38m
Lastpala 70 Blood Elf Paladin Corruption Male 18d 21h 8m
Justhero 70 Orc Warrior Male 18d 20h 23m
Wipgat 70 Blood Elf Rogue Pirates Life Female 18d 18h 47m
Titans 70 Human Paladin Male 18d 16h 54m
Stavrejr 70 Night Elf Druid We wipe on trash Male 18d 14h 26m
Wringer 70 Orc Shaman Goons Male 18d 13h 39m
Akamar 70 Draenei Shaman Hiraeth Male 18d 13h 27m
Florecita 70 Draenei Shaman Sons of Lothar Female 18d 10h 18m
Eepta 70 Tauren Druid Pornhub Male 17d 16h 23m
Inys 70 Tauren Druid BrotherhooD Female 17d 15h 14m
Imboheal 70 Blood Elf Paladin AVE DEVIL Female 17d 14h 52m
Garfild 70 Troll Mage AVE DEVIL Male 17d 13h 58m
Sunnyq 70 Undead Warlock All pass Female 17d 9h 32m
Pamaracz 70 Human Priest demoni cz Female 17d 4h 10m
Alrdydead 70 Orc Warrior Warbringers Male 17d 2h 3m
Enigmatit 70 Blood Elf Mage Risen united Male 17d 52m
Justina 70 Blood Elf Hunter Recount Female 16d 21h 33m
Belonda 70 Dwarf Hunter Eternal Gamers Female 16d 21h 8m
Nakashy 70 Night Elf Druid We wipe on trash Female 16d 14h 43m
Magician 70 Blood Elf Mage Recount Female 16d 14h 43m
Zeule 70 Troll Priest Female 16d 11h 29m
Zogi 70 Orc Hunter Panzaknacker Male 16d 10h 45m
Lyhn 70 Draenei Paladin OMG Ice Cream Truck BRB Female 16d 2h 52m
Snotklat 70 Undead Warlock Beast Female 15d 20h 14m
Brunnhild 70 Blood Elf Paladin Female 15d 17h 46m
Nonded 70 Undead Rogue PROFANUM Male 15d 16h 28m
Bingoberra 70 Draenei Shaman The Rat Pack Male 15d 14h 32m
Loxy 70 Draenei Shaman Female 15d 14h 22m
Yisel 70 Undead Mage Female 15d 10h 45m
Cleetflicka 70 Blood Elf Rogue The Lost Civilization Female 15d 10h 33m
Sallgoodman 70 Orc Shaman Horrible Male 15d 8h 37m
Yanua 70 Night Elf Druid Hiraeth Female 15d 8h 24m
Klowny 70 Gnome Warrior Freak Male 15d 3h 51m
Tyrannes 70 Night Elf Hunter demoni cz Female 15d 1h 44m
Probro 70 Blood Elf Paladin ForTheHorde Male 14d 22h 42m
Delarok 70 Orc Shaman The Red Devil Male 14d 21h 39m
Yuphus 70 Undead Priest Male 14d 14h 44m
Vitale 70 Blood Elf Priest Latin Lovers Male 14d 12h 46m
Krigerenselv 70 Orc Warrior Dane Gang Male 14d 9h 19m
Coinz 70 Undead Warrior AVE DEVIL Male 14d 8h 27m
Darkbeast 70 Orc Hunter Male 14d 8h 22m
Seraphimus 70 Night Elf Priest Female 14d 8h 12m
Desra 70 Draenei Shaman Female 14d 4h 40m
Draxorn 70 Human Rogue Sorry Not Sorry Female 14d 3h 43m
Kieranndil 70 Night Elf Druid Phoenix Ascendant Female 14d 2h 34m
Holysit 70 Undead Priest The Brightside of Brie Male 13d 19h 12m
Rostar 70 Undead Priest The Dog Male 13d 19h 0m
Chupakabr 70 Tauren Druid AVE DEVIL Male 13d 15h 23m
Dundersyster 70 Troll Shaman Svensk Female 13d 11h 12m
Seela 70 Draenei Shaman Female 13d 6h 55m
Slimmz 70 Night Elf Druid Hiraeth Male 13d 2h 14m
Tonden 70 Human Paladin Sons of Lothar Male 12d 16h 0m
Deathvogel 70 Undead Rogue Hummeln im Hintern Male 12d 14h 7m
Trullo 70 Orc Shaman Warbringers Male 12d 13h 15m
Shuulathoi 70 Orc Warrior Male 12d 10h 24m
Absurditto 70 Human Rogue The Anarchist Female 12d 10h 1m
Monca 70 Human Rogue Female 12d 9h 1m
Sorrows 70 Night Elf Hunter Sons of Lothar Female 12d 5h 12m
Azrea 70 Blood Elf Hunter AVE DEVIL Male 12d 5h 11m
Melir 70 Night Elf Warrior Prepping for Classic Male 12d 4h 14m
Adik 70 Undead Mage Alchemy Town Male 12d 30m
Numen 70 Gnome Warrior Sorry Not Sorry Female 11d 20h 47m
Cgpu 70 Tauren Druid Cause And Effect Male 11d 18h 34m
Bloodlines 70 Draenei Paladin Alliance Expedition Female 11d 18h 4m
Owwyess 70 Human Priest Female 11d 17h 53m
Baalat 70 Human Rogue Knights of the Nine Female 11d 16h 22m
Erinnerungen 70 Tauren Druid Ascendency Male 11d 14h 59m
Herschel 70 Undead Warlock Massive Dynamics Male 11d 13h 50m
Alirm 70 Draenei Warrior The Rat Pack Male 11d 12h 46m
Lotheisa 70 Draenei Mage Zeppelin Hijackers Female 11d 7h 45m
Mamar 70 Human Rogue SACRUM Male 11d 4h 43m
Skaay 70 Blood Elf Paladin Sons of Thrall Male 11d 3h 55m
Gangstar 70 Human Warlock Male 11d 1h 49m
Determined 70 Night Elf Druid Espada Female 11d 1h 46m
Thelom 70 Dwarf Paladin Harmony Male 11d 1h 44m
Shyher 70 Blood Elf Priest ESPADA Female 10d 20h 39m
Deathfall 70 Undead Warlock Ascendency Male 10d 18h 17m
Artaska 70 Undead Mage Risen united Female 10d 13h 18m
Corpor 70 Human Warrior BEAST Male 10d 6h 23m
Hawck 70 Human Rogue The Rat Pack Male 10d 5h 7m
Sparownice 70 Tauren Druid Male 10d 2h 56m
Zaelrnya 70 Blood Elf Warlock Synergy Ascendant Female 10d 53m
Schmalztitte 70 Troll Priest Male 9d 23h 16m
Loardeon 70 Blood Elf Mage Male 9d 22h 24m
Kojohan 70 Tauren Shaman Svensk Male 9d 21h 59m
Naurs 70 Undead Warlock Male 9d 16h 25m
Helenaneko 70 Blood Elf Paladin The Final Crusade Female 8d 23h 49m
Meryn 70 Gnome Warrior Male 8d 15h 51m
Jaf 70 Blood Elf Mage Weird Flex But OK Male 8d 13h 22m
Greathorn 70 Tauren Shaman Dane Gang Male 8d 11h 37m
Reffdoomsday 70 Undead Warrior Risen united Male 8d 10h 38m
Valshebnikka 70 Human Mage The Rat Pack Male 8d 6h 54m
Iegitimate 70 Human Rogue MMXIX Male 8d 6h 21m
Hipo 70 Night Elf Druid SACRUM Male 8d 3h 44m
Tolyan 70 Tauren Druid Male 8d 3h 37m
Aytin 70 Tauren Druid Male 8d 2h 52m
Eddart 70 Blood Elf Paladin Moonrise Male 7d 22h 39m
Danhunt 70 Orc Hunter AVE DEVIL Male 7d 18h 18m
Nosebleeding 70 Undead Mage Warbringers Female 7d 13h 43m
Aporcarogue 70 Orc Rogue Guarda Real Male 7d 9h 0m
Knarrkat 70 Orc Warlock eclipse Male 6d 23h 45m
Havagudwun 70 Troll Rogue Male 6d 23h 44m
Saintanger 70 Human Warrior Hiraeth Male 6d 23h 1m
Termit 70 Draenei Shaman Female 6d 22h 24m
Kremnicka 70 Gnome Warlock demoni cz Female 6d 21h 53m
Yousef 70 Night Elf Druid MMXIX Male 6d 14h 3m
Kipkerrie 70 Human Mage Alliance Expedition Female 6d 10h 48m
Dalaen 70 Blood Elf Paladin I Wish A Naga Would Male 6d 5h 27m
Firesoldier 70 Blood Elf Rogue Bosses of the Gym Male 6d 4h 18m
Butcherly 70 Night Elf Druid AVE SATANA Male 6d 2h 18m
Suddenlee 70 Night Elf Warrior The First Crusade Male 6d 47m
Rustful 70 Tauren Druid The Final Crusade Male 5d 21h 32m
Hurensson 70 Night Elf Druid Alliance Trade Guard Female 5d 18h 47m
Delwin 70 Orc Hunter Heroes of Sweden Male 5d 16h 50m
Elfporn 70 Blood Elf Rogue Pornhub Female 5d 11h 12m
Krpelj 70 Night Elf Druid Female 5d 10h 41m
Eucalipt 70 Undead Rogue ESPADA Male 5d 7h 54m
Crazybearxd 70 Night Elf Druid Male 5d 7h 53m
Yarrwar 70 Gnome Warrior Hiraeth Male 5d 6h 18m
Vorandi 70 Orc Warrior Male 5d 6h 12m
Dilbaum 70 Tauren Druid AFD Assis for Durotar Male 4d 22h 59m
Kongfuren 70 Human Warrior Male 4d 20h 16m
Krossroads 70 Orc Warlock Corruption Male 4d 20h 16m
Suckmyluck 70 Draenei Paladin Female 4d 18h 28m
Snzx 70 Undead Warlock Female 4d 17h 41m
Oepenwarr 70 Human Warrior Terrible Female 4d 17h 30m
Tinyriick 70 Gnome Mage BEAST Male 4d 16h 10m
Duroutan 70 Orc Warrior Love the way you die Male 4d 6h 46m
Laurenbear 70 Night Elf Druid Crash Female 4d 1h 23m
Zuljinazar 70 Troll Hunter Synergy Ascendant Male 3d 21h 2m
Stormrange 70 Night Elf Hunter Male 3d 20h 27m
Margarita 70 Draenei Shaman Thalia Did Nothing Wrong Female 3d 13h 19m
Kulafu 70 Night Elf Druid Female 3d 5h 40m
Titiania 70 Human Paladin The First Crusade Female 2d 16h 38m
Baalar 70 Troll Rogue Los Profesionales Male 2d 11h 14m
Arira 70 Tauren Druid AVE DEVIL Female 1d 19h 31m
Derthayne 70 Human Paladin Male 1d 8h 11m
Hurdurr 70 Orc Hunter leatherbank Male 12h 32m
Brokowsky 69 Draenei Shaman Male 2d 22h 54m
Tarasa 68 Dwarf Rogue Male 10d 1h 32m
Saigosenshi 68 Draenei Warrior The Gouda Delight Male 7d 2h 28m
Blackseeker 68 Gnome Mage Hiraeth Female 19h 53m
Wistan 67 Draenei Hunter Male 42d 12h 9m
Zadrotornot 67 Gnome Mage Male 22h 38m
Kickedcelery 66 Orc Shaman Megyek aludni Male 12d 13h 21m
Tulduru 66 Orc Warrior Sklad Male 4d 20h 2m
Suntory 66 Troll Shaman Bosses of the Gym Male 4d 15h 28m
Rexerekcio 66 Undead Warlock Megyek aludni Male 4d 12h 43m
Chaarge 65 Troll Warrior AVE DEVIL Male 1d 7h 55m
Holsteine 64 Undead Rogue AVE DEVIL Male 4d 21h 16m
Androsh 63 Orc Warrior Male 7d 18h 52m
Zezette 63 Tauren Druid Hiraeth Horde Female 4d 19h 10m
Ceenoevil 62 Blood Elf Rogue pandas with croquettes Female 5d 9h 10m
Bottoms 62 Troll Priest Male 2d 6h 36m
Boldybloody 61 Human Warrior Benevolent Anarcists Male 8d 21h 47m
Efiny 61 Blood Elf Paladin Female 4d 4h 37m
Eternalgamer 60 Tauren Druid EternaI Gamers Male 190d 13h 44m
Chatbot 60 Tauren Druid Male 111d 16h 14m
Arralos 60 Blood Elf Priest Llama Force Male 3d 17h 9m
Whisperwindx 60 Night Elf Druid Pirates Iife Female 3d 1h 52m
Arcanator 59 Draenei Mage Male 3d 8h 3m
Blx 59 Troll Hunter Male 4h 53m
Folti 56 Tauren Druid Female 3d 17h 44m
Fischwasser 56 Troll Hunter Male 2d 18h 28m
Mubu 55 Draenei Hunter Female 4d 15h 30m
Slabbrina 55 Human Warrior Female 4d 13h 23m
Amelianna 55 Blood Elf Mage Female 3d 12h 15m
Wolfken 54 Orc Shaman A bear on the city Male 3d 10h 12m
Ellenielle 53 Night Elf Druid AVE SATANA Female 4d 15h 47m
Menih 53 Undead Priest Male 2d 10h 38m
Randybandit 51 Dwarf Hunter Male 4d 6h 8m
Luspudel 51 Draenei Warrior Prepping for Classic Female 4d 4h 38m
Elbuenseba 51 Human Paladin Male 3d 7h 56m
Smidarn 51 Draenei Shaman Prepping for Classic Female 2d 22h 54m
Peenballhmmr 51 Draenei Mage Female 19h 21m
Erikkoom 50 Night Elf Druid Female 6d 7h 18m
Trolakias 50 Troll Shaman Dogs of War Male 5d 3h 3m
Milanija 50 Undead Warlock Female 3d 15h 10m
Tommyr 50 Undead Warrior Male 3d 7h 23m
Wib 50 Tauren Warrior Bloodpack Male 1d 23h 48m
Cesarmilan 50 Blood Elf Hunter Grab Your Ankles Male 1d 14h 28m
Bankiebank 49 Human Priest Male 3d 21h 14m
Yourex 49 Human Rogue The Anarchist Female 1d 19h 27m
Tilapia 48 Undead Warrior Kalimdor Assassins Male 3d 20h 43m
Perangkap 48 Draenei Paladin Female 1d 18h 36m
Holley 47 Orc Hunter Male 4d 2h 46m
Shezzar 47 Blood Elf Paladin Beast Male 3d 14h 27m
Fotidios 46 Blood Elf Mage Dogs of War Male 4d 11h 0m
Keldorn 46 Blood Elf Paladin Male 2d 17h 6m
Lumpus 45 Tauren Druid Dogs of War Male 5d 4h 37m
Bazzo 45 Blood Elf Warlock Male 2d 12h 47m
Xelinas 45 Blood Elf Warlock AVE DEVIL Female 1d 17h 56m
Gamistra 44 Blood Elf Paladin Dogs of War Female 4d 13h 15m
Selinlet 43 Blood Elf Hunter Female 3d 30m
Katilynn 40 Night Elf Priest The Millionaire Female 5d 1h 58m
Arcanono 40 Troll Warrior Latin Lovers Male 2d 11h 53m
Diosyurakdps 40 Blood Elf Hunter Male 1d 9h 20m
Deadlynips 39 Human Rogue Better Twink Twice Male 10d 27m
Eskill 39 Undead Rogue I Wish A Naga Would Male 1d 20h 37m
Johnnydead 39 Undead Mage pandas with croquettes Male 1d 19h 20m
Sneakyish 38 Tauren Druid C OneThirtySeven Male 9d 10h 8m
Biovolt 38 Orc Shaman Second Breath Male 7d 6h 42m
Lilwitch 38 Gnome Mage Female 1d
Imur 37 Gnome Rogue AVE SATANA Male 2d 5h 59m
Trrooll 36 Troll Hunter Male 4h 29m
Yenneffer 32 Night Elf Druid Female 1d 5h 5m
Sergerus 30 Orc Shaman Male 1d 1h 16m
Weldan 30 Draenei Warrior Female 20h 28m
Dybala 28 Troll Hunter Male 9h 33m
Kamapulya 27 Blood Elf Hunter Female 23h 59m
Rokototo 26 Troll Mage AVE DEVIL Female 1d 6h 13m
Kaistiana 25 Human Paladin Female 1d 8h 7m
Marajade 24 Draenei Warrior Female 20h 29m
Bringerofdth 24 Blood Elf Warlock Pirates Life Male 17h 19m
Kochoolo 24 Gnome Warrior Male 12h 51m
Devilya 22 Night Elf Druid Female 23h 14m
Nebulon 22 Blood Elf Mage Male 13h 51m
Someplace 22 Troll Mage Female 4h 29m
Isegrin 21 Troll Shaman Male 23h 55m
Cybercide 21 Orc Hunter Male 23h 39m
Planetprison 21 Tauren Druid Male 18h 41m
Fuquan 20 Tauren Druid Male 14h 14m
Dertran 20 Undead Priest AK Legion Male 11h 8m
Kuskos 19 Blood Elf Warlock Recount Female 1d 15h 34m
Nightchills 19 Undead Warlock Spawn of the Octomom Female 15h 4m
Oepenrogue 18 Orc Rogue Red Hill Gang Male 10d 2h 14m
Bulriks 18 Orc Warlock Male 1d 4m
Jaede 18 Blood Elf Rogue I Wish A Naga Would Female 19h 39m
Slalrock 17 Undead Warlock Better twink Twice Male 1d 15m
Alphasmash 17 Troll Warrior Female 20h 23m
Winniedin 16 Human Paladin AVE SATANA Female 11h 14m
Warseno 16 Human Warlock Male 5h 17m
Ellecz 14 Night Elf Druid Exiles of Lordaeron Female 18h 33m
Cialla 14 Tauren Druid Female 5h 15m
Dragnonas 12 Tauren Shaman Male 3h 15m
Derathus 12 Blood Elf Paladin Male 2h 37m
Goodsa 11 Undead Warlock Male 5h 39m
Avatos 11 Undead Priest Male 4h 53m
Orciboy 11 Orc Hunter Male 4h 26m
Morindrcz 11 Dwarf Hunter Male 3h 50m
Annabellee 10 Undead Priest Female 2h 44m
Tiimerco 9 Night Elf Warrior Male 4h 6m
Cannia 6 Human Warrior No Naga Left Behind Male 2h 27m
Rosine 5 Tauren Warrior Female 33m
Drta 4 Tauren Druid Female 37m
Doobian 4 Tauren Druid Male 23m
Baldtruth 4 Human Paladin Male 18m
Baenkerbob 1 Tauren Warrior iwasthere Male 12d 6h 38m
Tezo 1 Troll Mage Male 6d 15h 48m
Piraeusbank 1 Human Warrior Samian Stash Co Female 2h 44m
Flynxbank 1 Night Elf Warrior Female 1h 25m
Tarhan 1 Tauren Shaman Male 3m