Players Online

Name Level Race Class Guild Gender Total Time Played
Dreamstreet 70 Night Elf Druid Heroes of Camelot Female 263d 7h 19m
Gwyndolin 70 Human Priest its just a game dude Female 181d 17h 24m
Indiboy 70 Troll Hunter VooDoo Male 173d 22h 59m
Monkeybon 70 Undead Priest Drama Male 150d 9h 26m
Skillazdilla 70 Human Warrior CorruptioN Male 113d 4h 27m
Indiman 70 Night Elf Hunter We wipe on trash Male 112d 10h 31m
Melorah 70 Undead Rogue Corruption Male 111d 13h 49m
Lexvie 70 Blood Elf Rogue Risen united Male 109d 15h 43m
Dunkandegg 70 Gnome Warlock Male 93d 2h 37m
Shankss 70 Tauren Druid Bosses of the Gym Male 85d 4h 13m
Shoarma 70 Human Rogue Alliance Trade Guard Female 82d 2h 58m
Rageissue 70 Night Elf Warrior Svenskar Male 75d 11h 47m
Sergal 70 Tauren Druid We Wipe On Trash Male 69d 23m
Theror 70 Dwarf Warrior Hiraeth Male 65d 23h 52m
Livehaze 70 Troll Shaman Male 63d 23h 52m
Plumpy 70 Human Rogue Cause and Effect Female 56d 2h 47m
Jaedenn 70 Tauren Warrior We Wipe On Trash Male 54d 22h 34m
Kaiteya 70 Human Paladin Pirates Iife Male 54d 13h 11m
Ovocinar 70 Human Mage MMXIX Male 51d 16h 6m
Nevina 70 Draenei Shaman Cookies Female 49d 9h 26m
Fnuttegull 70 Blood Elf Paladin We Wipe On Trash Female 48d 12h 58m
Lamela 70 Undead Mage AVE DEVIL Male 44d 2h 48m
Rasw 70 Orc Warlock ESPADA Female 38d 19h 58m
Poutanara 70 Orc Hunter Corruption Female 37d 20h 27m
Mikehunt 70 Dwarf Hunter Artificial Selection Female 36d 20h 36m
Proffesor 70 Night Elf Warrior Hiraeth Male 35d 18h 30m
Kittyclaw 70 Night Elf Druid Kore Boz Female 35d 16h 8m
Frouzzmen 70 Blood Elf Paladin Svensk Male 34d 11h 15m
Nura 70 Orc Warrior Nuthin But a G Thang Female 30d 21h 5m
Priestiona 70 Human Priest bunnings snag Female 30d 6h 8m
Elaurosa 70 Night Elf Hunter Alliance Expedition Female 30d 4h 55m
Rngrngrng 70 Human Rogue Female 29d 12h 34m
Teddyulike 70 Undead Mage Pirates Life Female 29d 6h 20m
Bigdd 70 Night Elf Druid Female 28d 23h 4m
Lilwardik 70 Tauren Druid Corruption Male 27d 23h 25m
Steakshield 70 Tauren Warrior Bosses of the Gym Male 27d 9h 31m
Destinity 70 Human Priest Female 26d 13h 57m
Krita 70 Draenei Paladin Ravens Female 25d 2h 24m
Tyrannes 70 Night Elf Hunter Risen United Female 25d 43m
Cromush 70 Orc Warrior Hiraeth Horde Male 24d 21h 3m
Holysit 70 Undead Priest Hiraeth Horde Male 24d 53m
Flaskmus 70 Tauren Warrior Bosses of the Gym Male 23d 14h 46m
Mastouris 70 Tauren Druid Pirates Life Male 23d 9h 32m
Akakoneko 70 Blood Elf Paladin Strawhats Female 22d 21h 48m
Plasticbeach 70 Human Priest CorruptioN Female 22d 12h 31m
Haffsack 70 Orc Warrior EpsiIon Male 22d 3h 11m
Soulsilencer 70 Undead Priest Bosses of the Gym Male 21d 13h 28m
Sevgili 70 Orc Hunter DISSONANCE Female 21d 10h 3m
Giantbooger 70 Orc Shaman With Blackjack n Hookers Male 20d 23h 0m
Devilknight 70 Night Elf Warrior The First Crusade Male 20d 20h 25m
Verjak 70 Tauren Druid Male 19d 22h 17m
Amithriel 70 Night Elf Druid CorruptioN Male 19d 14h 46m
Stonysativa 70 Human Rogue Male 19d 6h 46m
Aarsenal 70 Night Elf Druid All Pass Female 19d 4h 47m
Facefear 70 Draenei Paladin Espada Female 19d 1h 22m
Indove 70 Night Elf Rogue All Pass Female 18d 13h 19m
Bllossom 70 Human Rogue Sorry Not Sorry Female 17d 15h 33m
Cgpu 70 Tauren Druid Svensk Male 17d 13h 33m
Magician 70 Blood Elf Mage Recount Female 16d 23h 56m
Vanguance 70 Tauren Druid Abyss Walkers Male 16d 9h 53m
Quallock 70 Gnome Warlock Walkers of the Abyss Male 15d 14h 46m
Crixia 70 Gnome Mage Female 15d 9h 41m
Dreamspirit 70 Human Priest SACRUM Female 15d 7h 5m
Rukawa 70 Tauren Druid Female 15d 6h 14m
Ziskaridze 70 Night Elf Druid Male 14d 17h 7m
Euphratigris 70 Troll Shaman Female 14d 13h 48m
Burtono 70 Undead Mage Risen united Male 14d 8h 42m
Thereisfood 70 Undead Mage Male 13d 18h 19m
Wannabeimba 70 Orc Shaman Male 13d 10h 43m
Riptsubishi 70 Gnome Warlock Panzerknacker Male 13d 9h 7m
Evanessins 70 Human Warrior For Fun Female 13d 8h 1m
Cheelo 70 Night Elf Druid Panzerknacker Male 13d 6h 32m
Mcsoulstone 70 Gnome Warlock We wipe on trash Female 13d 4h 34m
Irizblack 70 Human Paladin The First Crusade Female 11d 22h 43m
Drmasakra 70 Tauren Druid Dark palce in Hell Male 11d 14h 58m
Kupica 70 Undead Priest Bosses of the Gym Male 11d 10h 4m
Taiataia 70 Undead Warlock Still Not Sorry Male 11d 1h 14m
Florann 70 Night Elf Druid Clava Thessara Infinitas Female 11d 1h 9m
Vylain 70 Orc Shaman Hiraeth Horde Female 11d 23m
Averlord 70 Undead Warlock We Wipe On Trash Male 10d 23h 42m
Nyyx 70 Night Elf Hunter Female 10d 17h 16m
Hexilron 70 Human Warlock The First Crusade Male 10d 16h 6m
Honeybeez 70 Blood Elf Hunter Female 10d 15h 7m
Warihor 70 Human Warrior Male 10d 5h 55m
Bawnie 70 Undead Priest Abyss Walkers Female 10d 2h 18m
Onewarrior 70 Undead Warrior Female 9d 22h 17m
Siw 70 Night Elf Priest The First Crusade Female 9d 17h 20m
Poisonmomo 70 Troll Hunter Recount Male 9d 13h 30m
Crustedlamp 70 Undead Mage Goons Female 9d 13h 4m
Shadebolt 70 Undead Warlock Bosses of the Gym Female 9d 10h 48m
Magelynn 70 Blood Elf Mage Female 9d 8h 50m
Firetwister 70 Undead Mage Male 9d 8h 24m
Paroxyzm 70 Undead Mage Male 9d 7h 20m
Snajpern 70 Dwarf Hunter Invalid Target Male 9d 57m
Hanchaeyoung 70 Night Elf Priest chen Female 8d 21h 57m
Khaldied 70 Undead Warlock benevolent anarcists Male 8d 12h 3m
Nelamara 70 Blood Elf Mage Bosses of the Gym Female 8d 5h 22m
Skanarf 70 Human Rogue AggressioN Male 7d 15h 24m
Bratmax 70 Orc Hunter Roguemill Outlaws Male 7d 13h 59m
Belidar 70 Undead Warlock Blutklinge Female 7d 10h 12m
Clarinda 70 Troll Hunter Bosses of the Gym Female 7d 1h 43m
Hautemer 70 Tauren Druid pandas with croquettes Male 6d 14h 16m
Donatelly 70 Human Paladin Pirates Iife Male 6d 4h 32m
Wildmark 70 Troll Shaman Female 5d 14h 38m
Stinkerchen 70 Human Paladin Quallen Female 5d 11h 54m
Youngmoney 70 Human Priest The Rat Pack Male 5d 11h 48m
Rambah 70 Troll Mage Blutklinge Female 4d 15h 32m
Kwisats 70 Blood Elf Warlock The Final Crusade Male 4d 7h 43m
Rekona 70 Human Priest The Rat Pack Female 4d 7h 37m
Rafaam 70 Undead Mage Male 4d 56m
Lrash 70 Troll Shaman Hiraeth Horde Male 3d 22h 19m
Axiomatic 70 Tauren Druid Beast Male 3d 11h 24m
Adventure 70 Human Priest Hiraeth Female 2d 16h 23m
Thunderelem 70 Draenei Shaman Female 2d 2h 20m
Starwang 70 Gnome Warlock The Rat Pack Male 1d 13h 58m
Deadllybad 70 Undead Warrior Male 18h 43m
Aquabow 70 Orc Hunter Female 9m
Lillite 69 Orc Shaman Female 1d 10h 51m
Howlra 68 Blood Elf Hunter Female 12d 7h 2m
Retardia 68 Human Paladin Full Metal Dragons Female 8d 18h 42m
Fioletowy 68 Draenei Mage Murlocks Female 6d 4h 5m
Hackepeter 68 Tauren Hunter Pirates Life Male 2d 23h 46m
Illusionx 68 Undead Rogue Male 1d 16h 9m
Pavluan 67 Human Priest Ravens Male 7d 4h 8m
Davidsonqt 66 Human Paladin Fight For Honor Male 10d 16h 9m
Bimmbamm 66 Night Elf Hunter Female 9d 11h 9m
Skwarek 66 Human Rogue SACRUM Male 8d 15h 51m
Ellesime 66 Blood Elf Mage Female 3d 14h 12m
Dunkelf 65 Night Elf Druid AVE SATANA Female 10d 10h 28m
Paldyr 65 Dwarf Paladin Male 7d 8h 15m
Zezimaa 65 Undead Mage Pirates Life Male 6d 12h 24m
Kalapats 64 Night Elf Priest AVE SATANA Female 10d 2h 20m
Eleftheria 63 Human Priest Hiraeth Female 12d 2h 8m
Cyres 62 Dwarf Hunter The Darknight Male 4d 12h 2m
Stilton 62 Undead Rogue Male 4d 4h 6m
Ghillied 62 Troll Hunter Male 3d 6h 25m
Otimporeite 62 Undead Mage Female 3d 3h 41m
Cavx 62 Undead Rogue Male 2d 13h 29m
Larael 61 Blood Elf Mage Warbringers Female 4d 8h 48m
Buttbreaker 61 Night Elf Rogue Male 15h 28m
Eternalgamer 60 Tauren Druid EternaI Gamers Male 250d 4h 9m
Chatbot 60 Tauren Druid Male 171d 6h 27m
Clarri 60 Night Elf Priest Female 17h 12m
Somuch 59 Dwarf Priest For Fun Female 6d 14h 20m
Amick 58 Gnome Mage Emeriss Male 7d 19h 50m
Zeetara 58 Blood Elf Warlock Weird Flex But OK Female 2d 16h 4m
Urxula 54 Blood Elf Hunter Female 3d 4h 32m
Myshamevtwo 54 Orc Warlock Female 2d 17h 24m
Kolinda 53 Blood Elf Hunter Female 2d 10h 53m
Farofero 52 Human Priest Male 3d 5h 10m
Mahil 52 Tauren Druid The Final Crusade Male 2d 23h 22m
Obstus 49 Tauren Druid Male 2d 10h 34m
Sunian 48 Blood Elf Rogue Male 4d 2h 52m
Rambojack 46 Undead Rogue pandas with croquettes Male 1d 12h 32m
Devops 45 Human Rogue Female 2d 20h 30m
Zeraj 43 Troll Hunter Male 3d 7h 37m
Megu 41 Orc Warrior Female 3d 11h 3m
Troc 41 Tauren Druid Male 1d 19h 16m
Delatyr 41 Night Elf Hunter Male 1d 17h 14m
Greendoom 40 Orc Warrior Male 2d 11h 44m
Amongoth 40 Human Warlock Male 1d 11h 3m
Discowfever 39 Tauren Druid A bear on the city Male 1d 5h 16m
Stillertod 38 Orc Rogue Gruuls Gone Wild Female 3d 18h 17m
Wurstwasserx 38 Tauren Warrior Male 2d 5h 54m
Perict 37 Human Warrior Hiraeth Male 1d 49m
Molnie 36 Blood Elf Paladin Female 1d 1h 49m
Rediska 35 Dwarf Paladin Female 2d 1h 33m
Dikwarlock 34 Undead Warlock Male 15h 1m
Nolo 33 Night Elf Priest Skeeter and the Boys Male 1d 2h 23m
Ruineras 32 Human Rogue Female 3d 22h 0m
Tonyknug 30 Orc Warrior Male 2d 6h 32m
Saypls 29 Gnome Mage Female 17h 30m
Smalltrouble 28 Undead Mage pandas with croquettes Male 18h 29m
Justtitsme 27 Night Elf Warrior Male 1d 8h 12m
Konskaaura 27 Blood Elf Paladin Bosses of the Gym Female 21h 38m
Gecc 26 Human Rogue Skeeter and the Boys Male 1d 2h 0m
Scuroprete 26 Blood Elf Priest Matrix Male 21h 24m
Guillan 25 Human Mage Male 2d 17h 14m
Ironturd 25 Dwarf Hunter Hiraeth Male 22h 58m
Mitheras 24 Troll Hunter Male 19h 46m
Erikkmaster 22 Blood Elf Warlock Female 1d 7h 56m
Rithard 21 Blood Elf Hunter BStoned Male 19h 19m
Akrazer 21 Blood Elf Paladin Male 9h 52m
Limpgimp 21 Undead Rogue Male 8h 23m
Gipsanje 19 Orc Warlock Male 10h 49m
Ydnar 18 Human Warrior Male 1d 2h 15m
Semfurt 18 Undead Warrior Male 19h 17m
Burto 18 Undead Priest Male 10h 2m
Brotish 18 Undead Priest Male 5h 19m
Nexy 17 Draenei Mage Motley Brew Female 16h 2m
Nicepoo 17 Dwarf Priest Male 6h 11m
Sopouchlovec 16 Human Warrior Female 13h 38m
Makis 15 Human Warrior Swiss Bank Corp Male 1d 18h 7m
Notsodead 14 Undead Mage Male 7h 20m
Genady 14 Gnome Warlock Male 3h 56m
Maritoyo 11 Troll Shaman Female 9h 47m
Korvman 11 Troll Hunter Male 4h 41m
Joekuul 10 Troll Priest Male 18h 30m
Spokaite 10 Draenei Hunter Female 8h 9m
Kkai 10 Night Elf Hunter Male 7h 8m
Cowdoom 10 Tauren Druid Male 3h 13m
Firelly 10 Gnome Mage Female 1h 36m
Miggee 10 Blood Elf Mage Female 1h 11m
Calory 9 Human Rogue Male 3h 3m
Barytus 9 Tauren Druid Male 2h 1m
Oldnight 8 Night Elf Warrior Male 1h 40m
Aximage 7 Gnome Mage Male 59m
Aelitha 7 Blood Elf Mage Female 55m
Moneybank 5 Tauren Shaman The BanKerS Male 9d 18h 58m
Severne 5 Undead Warlock Emperors Male 17h 7m
Yuuki 5 Blood Elf Hunter Female 1h 5m
Aelyren 5 Draenei Hunter Female 41m
Kaldrogu 5 Tauren Druid Male 29m
Loreanda 3 Tauren Druid Female 14m
Beastpants 1 Night Elf Druid Male 1h 1m
Piiwee 1 Undead Mage Male 6m