Players Online

Name Level Race Class Guild Gender Total Time Played
Persephone 70 Blood Elf Priest Atlas Shrugged Female 346d 10h 23m
Beefbearitto 70 Tauren Druid EternaI Gamers Male 169d 1h 36m
Ryepudding 70 Gnome Warlock dissonance Male 148d 5h 17m
Thedekutree 70 Tauren Druid EternaI Gamers Male 74d 7h 11m
Highbinder 70 Tauren Druid EternaI Gamers Male 66d 16h 25m
Saladruid 70 Tauren Druid Pirates Life Male 65d 9h 19m
Goldenia 70 Blood Elf Paladin Pirates Life Female 64d 7h 49m
Silth 70 Dwarf Rogue EternaI Gamers Male 61d 8h 10m
Kynura 70 Orc Shaman EternaI Gamers Female 53d 20h 3m
Sabeamnord 70 Blood Elf Warlock Sunfury Female 47d 6h 15m
Channi 70 Orc Shaman EternaI Gamers Female 45d 15h 55m
Bektra 70 Night Elf Hunter BEHOLD Male 42d 16h 37m
Fayne 70 Human Rogue EternaI Gamers Female 40d 7h 57m
Protbro 70 Human Paladin Weird Flex But OK Male 38d 3h 56m
Shadeheart 70 Night Elf Rogue Artificial Selection Female 33d 5h 30m
Predator 70 Orc Hunter EternaI Gamers Female 33d 2h 22m
Backbeat 70 Night Elf Warrior Pirates Life Male 31d 3h 3m
Greyes 70 Human Warlock The Gouda Delight Male 29d 5h 5m
Wayoff 70 Tauren Druid Corruption Male 27d 15h 0m
Baxtab 70 Blood Elf Rogue Bosses of the Gym Male 24d 15h 44m
Wizofloot 70 Blood Elf Paladin EternaI Gamers Female 22d 6h 36m
Mazus 70 Human Paladin Born To Kill Male 22d 6h 34m
Lorenia 70 Orc Warlock EternaI Gamers Female 22d 2h 56m
Jesus 70 Human Priest EternaI Gamers Male 21d 18h 57m
Sanya 70 Draenei Shaman The First Crusade Female 21d 18h 52m
Priestfulnes 70 Blood Elf Priest With Blackjack n Hookers Male 18d 18h 23m
Howardw 70 Orc Warlock Male 17d 7h 53m
Kimixtab 70 Tauren Shaman Highly Trained Monkeys Female 16d 21h 56m
Ibolino 70 Blood Elf Paladin BULGAR Male 16d 4h 30m
Fayze 70 Tauren Druid Male 15d 21h 42m
Sebadoh 70 Tauren Druid Sunfury Male 15d 13h 37m
Zvo 70 Tauren Hunter Male 14d 7h 9m
Aregatoe 70 Blood Elf Hunter Weird Flex But OK Male 12d 12h 24m
Mahil 70 Tauren Druid The First Crusade Male 11d 19h 35m
Syntaxerror 70 Orc Warrior Weird Flex But OK Male 10d 18h 20m
Brestmlksipn 70 Undead Rogue Pirates Life Male 10d 8h 30m
Enyos 70 Human Warrior Female 9d 22h 5m
Maevinnis 70 Dwarf Rogue Swords of Stormwind Female 9d 18h 58m
Polarneff 70 Blood Elf Paladin Weird Flex But OK Male 8d 9h 15m
Facinghell 70 Undead Warlock Born To Kill Female 7d 18h 19m
Indori 70 Blood Elf Mage Male 7d 11h 31m
Cagar 70 Orc Warlock Male 7d 2h 35m
Irise 70 Blood Elf Hunter Midnight Express Female 7d 1h 2m
Marilla 70 Gnome Rogue Weird Flex But OK Female 6d 16h 34m
Noitrora 70 Blood Elf Rogue Born To Kill Female 4d 14h 44m
Nicecrit 70 Troll Mage Weird Flex But OK Male 3d 15h 42m
Chemtrailz 70 Night Elf Druid Reapers Male 3d 6h 13m
Net 70 Human Rogue Weird Flex But OK Female 2d 3h 15m
Dumbhealer 70 Blood Elf Priest EternaI Gamers Female 2d 1h 49m
Walkng 70 Undead Mage Male 1d 23h 11m
Shamploo 70 Troll Shaman Weird Flex But OK Male 1d 14h 42m
Sephearoth 68 Undead Warlock Male 6d 9h 37m
Luzbell 67 Night Elf Rogue Female 10d 10h 48m
Isalovesyou 65 Blood Elf Paladin Omnia Vincit Amor Female 15d 5h 32m
Papigudia 65 Night Elf Druid Female 6d 23h 9m
Doubledots 65 Gnome Warlock Female 6d 13h 8m
Moahawk 64 Night Elf Rogue Weird Flex But OK Male 8d 20h 56m
Debirra 63 Dwarf Hunter The Nacirema Dream Female 15d 13h 52m
Tryllian 63 Night Elf Druid The Nacirema Dream Female 12d 19h 34m
Witnit 63 Gnome Warlock The Nacirema Dream Male 11d 4h 5m
Kepesk 63 Gnome Mage The Nacirema Dream Male 9d 18h 16m
Eternalgamer 60 Tauren Druid EternaI Gamers Male 313d 9h 8m
Chatbot 60 Tauren Druid Male 234d 11h 30m
Roentgen 60 Human Warrior Male 4d 11h 20m
Holyduchess 59 Draenei Priest The First Crusade Female 5d 19h 2m
Milliamp 59 Draenei Shaman Uber Big Boo Boo Female 13h 5m
Ahfay 53 Blood Elf Paladin Two oClock Knock Female 8d 20h 23m
Felsmoak 50 Human Paladin Gurubashi Gangsters Female 2d 10h 10m
Hustek 49 Orc Warrior Male 4d 35m
Xcode 48 Orc Shaman Male 3d 12h 16m
Nightshadowm 48 Blood Elf Mage Male 3d 9h 3m
Shammihagar 47 Draenei Shaman Male 3d 40m
Allbeef 40 Tauren Hunter Male 2d 4m
Kkakkung 40 Gnome Rogue Male 1d 18h 51m
Menaa 37 Human Warlock Male 1d 9h 42m
Myrandra 36 Draenei Priest Full Metal Dragons Female 5d 2h 39m
Ugotaids 28 Tauren Druid Male 2d 6h 23m
Holynuts 27 Human Priest Male 1d 3h 4m
Tadhana 27 Draenei Mage Mandirigma Female 20h 42m
Urondondon 27 Human Warrior Male 16h 38m
Marticha 23 Draenei Paladin Female 23h 10m
Gortus 18 Tauren Druid Male 18h 39m
Sitfido 17 Blood Elf Hunter Male 7h 59m
Handolf 15 Human Paladin Male 16h 38m
Daisies 14 Human Mage Male 11h 30m
Ilacerda 14 Human Paladin Male 9h 2m
Elsapo 14 Dwarf Warrior Male 6h 51m
Dingis 14 Orc Warrior Male 4h 0m
Dogsound 11 Tauren Druid Male 2h 37m
Zacoftheclaw 9 Night Elf Druid Male 2h 18m
Selilord 8 Undead Warrior Male 2h 57m
Jabulane 6 Tauren Druid Female 50m
Moxster 4 Gnome Rogue Male 44m
Ichbinbanken 2 Blood Elf Paladin Rothchild and sons Female 29d 23h 28m
Necrorogue 1 Undead Rogue Male