Top 10 TBC Bosses!


Top 10 TBC Bosses!
Top 10 TBC Boss Fights!
 *This list is primarily opinion based*

#10) Reliquary of Souls – Black Temple
Starting off at number 10 is RoS! Reliquary is that one boss most people define as ‘ugly’, ‘repulsive’, or even ‘a triple-faced slimy hag’! But really, this boss is tons of fun. Reliquary has a unique zone in Black Temple; emitting a feeling of darkness. The encounter has several phases. Each are different but they all require preparation and fierce determination.

#9) Archimonde – The Battle for Mount Hyjal
Archimonde is the last boss in The Battle for Mount Hyjal and is most famous for his 'Finger of Death' ability; which is basically the coolest skill ever. EVER. This fight requires good raid coordination and a keen eye for excitement; plus a love for phat loot!

#8) Brutallus – Sunwell Plateau
Any role can play this and have a grand time! He requires massive amounts of DPS and healing and a great amount of coordination! Tanks watch out! His 'Stomp' ability will halve your armor, next thing you know you'll be dead! Also, 'don't stand in the fire'!

#7) Jan’alai – Zul’Aman
Jan’alai is arguably the hardest boss in Zul’Aman. With only 10 people and a slew of dragonhawks and fire bombs, this fight is all about the tactics! Choosing the correct players and good preparation is the biggest key to this one!

#6) Mother Shahraz – Black Temple
I believe I speak for everyone when I say that if I had a 20 foot tall, 6 armed Mom everything would get done. Unfortunately, instead of raising you, this Mother is dishing out pain and suffering! From getting Shadow Resistance gear to having 3 well-geared tanks, this fight is preparation on a whole new level!

#5) Illidari Council – Black Temple
The Illidari Council is unlike any other boss in The Burning Crusade! You aren’t fighting just one boss, but four! Lucky for you, they all have a shared health pool and die together. Each boss is a different class with unique abilities making for fun gameplay! Weirdly enough the hardest part about this fight is just getting them properly positioned!

#4) M’uru – Sunwell Plateau
M’uru is often regarded as the hardest boss in Sunwell Plateau and maybe even the entire game. M’uru reminds me of a ‘darker’ version of A’dal, but instead of Shattrath's center he lies in the heart of the Sunwell Plateau. M'uru gives one of the highest feelings of accomplishment once defeated. Ironically, the fight isn't focused on M'uru, instead it focuses on the high amount of adds he summons to his aid; due to this, he requires a fully prepared and fully coordinated raid. Control has never been more important!

#3) Lady Vashj – Serpentshrine Cavern
Lady Vashj is arguably one of the most complicated fights in the entire expansion. She has mechanics like none other; from constant spam of lightning bolts, to constantly summoning adds to beat on you. This Medusa-esque being is even a challenge to those who have downed the mighty Illidan Stormrage!

#2) Kael’Thas – Tempest Keep
Remember what I said about Lady Vashj being the most complicated? Well, I lied. Kael'Thas blows her out of her fishy hideout. Kael'Thas has one of the most detailed encounters in the entire game and probably one of the longest of the expansion. He comes in with a whopping 5 phases, each getting progressively more annoying but more fun as well. Not only do you kill Kael'Thas, but his four generals and even their weapons! The best part? You get to use those weapons against the evil elven lord himself! His fight is so exciting he almost took our number one ranking.

#1) Illidan Stormrage – Black Temple
For my last placement in this epic listing, who but the great Illidan Stormrage could take first place? Illidan is the leader and final boss inside the Black Temple, a place of great evil and many tears.  He not only has one of the most intricate, and well-known, lore backstories of the entire Warcraft series, but also one of the longest and hardest fights in The Burning Crusade. It's no wonder he's on the front cover! His fight features 5 phases that certainly get harder and harder as you go. He even requires a non-conventional tank! He's so difficult, in fact, your raid cannot survive without the help of Illidan's arch nemesis, Maiev Shadowsong. If you're able to persevere on this intense encounter, Illidan has one of the best loot tables available, including his very own weapons used against you, the Warglaives of Azzinoth! What better way to show your guild's skill by flaunting around those big green beasts? Defeating this boss is truly a feat to be recognized.

Written by: Nerokk
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