Why choose TBC?


Why choose TBC? Whether you are a new gamer or a long-time veteran, you’ve certainly heard of World of Warcraft before. The most esteemed and famous game series that has ever been made. It is the legacy that defined the MMO genre.

There is more to World of Warcraft than what just meets the eye; there are 5 expansions (Counting Vanilla as an expansion)! From Vanilla through the world Cataclysm to the Mists of Pandaria, the game has changed a lot and every expansion has its own beauty.

What’s the beauty of The Burning Crusade?

  • Most creative instance scripts in the history of  WoW that require strong level of skill and teamwork
  • The classic storylines of Illidan Stormrage and Kil’jaeden
  • The peak of the neverending battles between the Alliance and the Horde
  • The significance of character talents and professions
  • The best-looking gear sets that Blizzard has ever developed
The Burning Crusade has been the expansion that has added more content, been much more difficult and skill requiring, while also being extremely fun, enjoyable, and rewarding. The Battle for Mount Hyjal, the Black Temple and the Sunwell Plateau have been three of the hardest and most iconic raids to have ever been seen in Warcraft Lore. Any future expansions catered towards casual players, this is the expansion where we get tested and put through a hell of a challenge but if you are able to rise and defeat it, it will be a victory unlike any other.
Written by: Nerokk
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