Server Rules and Policies

This is the latest version of the server rules and policies, all in one. So there's no need to search for other topics. If you find something unclear, please contact a Game Master and we will explain it to you. Likewise, if you find something missing please also feel free to send a personal message to a GM and we'll make sure it is in the list.

General Guidelines 

1. You can join the two official ingame channels by typing /join GMhelp and /join World ingame.

2. A Game Master can be contacted in-game through the GMhelp channel, ingame ticket, forum personal message, forum support section, forum report section or website support ticket.

3. The right channels for each situation:
- Ban appeals are always discussed through website support tickets. 
- Reports can be discussed via the forum reports section, forum personal message with a Game Master, ingame GMhelp channel or whisper with a Game Master and a website support ticket. 
- Bug reports can be discussed ingame in the GMhelp channel though preferably the forum Bug Tracker. 
- Quest problems can be discussed via ingame GMhelp channel, ingame tickets, forum bug tracker or website support tickets.
- Lost loot due to crash can be discussed via forum support section, ingame GMhelp channel or website support ticket.
- Account issues (email problems, character transference etc) can be discussed via website support tickets.

4. Each report requires screenshots. For example:
- Reporting a hacker: Include a screenshot if possible
- Reporting corpsecamping: include screenshots of at least 6 kills (5 is the limit)
- Lost loot: it's usually possible to confirm it in the logs, but grab a screenshot of getting the item if you can.
- Reporting player or GM harassment: Grab screenshots of the conversation/actions of the person.

Server Policies

1. Being unfamiliar with the server rules. Players are not to be excused when breaking any of the server rules because they were not acquainted with the them. The rules are available on our website and forum for everyone to read.

2. Encouraging bug abusing, hacking or breaking of any of the server rules, as well as making false accusations in the Staff's name is punished severely if reported.

3. Account sharing. The staff strongly discourages account sharing. However, the account is solely the player (owner)'s responsibility. This means that should the account owner choose to share it with others anyway and the account ends up banned or any goods are lost, the staff will not be able to assist the player with this.

4. Restoration of items, gold, characters, professions, credits etc. is only possible in the following cases:

- Server fault (crash/bug/website issues)
- The account was hacked (THE HACKER WAS NOT GIVEN THE ACCOUNT INFORMATION BY THE OWNER) and together with the Staff the player manages to confirm the issue.

5. Instance/raid/dungeon save. When joining a PuG dungeon the player has to inform himself if the instance run is fresh (unsaved) or not. Failing to do so and getting a dungeon save without knowing due to this is part of the game and the Game Masters cannot remove the save.

6. Loot ninja'd/stolen or misloot: Players must be careful who they play with or who you distribute the loot to. Report ninjas in our reports forum as a warning to the rest of the community, but the loot will not be corrected by a Game Master. When opening a report, provide clear screenshots, showing your raid group, written loot rules announced by the raid leader and the distribution process of the ninjad item(s), is mandatory.

7. Deleted characters can be restored only within 30 days of when they were deleted. To restore the character login at and click on character restore.

8. False reports against other players or Staff members, attempt to scam the staff for items/accounts will result with account termination.

9. Refund for lost loot due to a crash/unable to loot a boss(or instance chest due to a bug) is often not possible without screenshots. Be sure to take some when you get an item that matters.
- The screenshots must show the raid ID, the raid/group members and the corpse of the creature/boss.

10. Reporting an occurrence is only valid if the event is not older than two weeks. (Swapping, channel misbehavior, harassment etc.)

11. Level 70 gifts can be exchanged only once, in the first 48 hours of when the item was claimed from the website. Please note that the time frame only applies to the player sending his request to us, not the response time to his request or how long the discussion lasts for.

- To exchange your level 70 gift, login at, click on the support tab and open a ticket.

12. Refund of goods bought with credits/gift coins is only possible within the first 48 hours of when the goods were bought on the website. Please note that the time frame only applies to the player sending his request to us, not the response time to his request or how long the discussion lasts for.

SPECIAL NOTE*: Levels and level bundles are most not refundable due to issues with skills.

- To request a refund login at, click on the support tab and open a ticket.

13. Payment refunds are only possible within the first 14 days of when the payment was made and the credits must not be spent.

- Terminated accounts are not a subject to refund
- To request a refund login at, click on the support tab and open a ticket.

14. Credits/gift coins cannot be transferred onto another 

15. Guild leadership transferrence:

Guildmaster transference is only possible in the following cases:
- The guild master has been permanently banned
- the guild master has been inactive for at least 2 months.

If the previous conditions are met the leadership the following applies:

A. If there is no officer active either you will be granted officer rank to revive the guild. If the ability to invite new members is not available to the officer rank, it'll be granted. Once the guild is active again (at least 10 unique members) you will be granted the guild master rank.
B. The rest of the active guild members must agree with you being the Guild Master (If the current Guild Master is banned/inactive.)
- The character must be in the guild. (If the current Guild Master is banned/inactive.)
C. If the current Guild Master contacts us to change the rank if he is unable to login, the rank can be changed to any character that they specified in their request.
D. Guilds that are used as "banks" cannot have the Guild Master rank transferred by a staff member, unless the Guild Master is unable to login and contacts the Staff about it. (Banned Guild Masters cannot have their guild banks' ownership transferred.)

16. Freeing up a character name. It is possible and it depends on the character and its account's inactivity. To request one, login at, click on the support tab and make a ticket.

17. Changing your email address when you've lost access to the email address currently linked to your WoW account. In rare cases it is possible, however, it depends on what account information is available to us to confirm the ownership of the account and whether the account's been shared with anyone else.

18. When changing the email address or transferring a character the player must be extremely cautious as it is nearly impossible to revert them. Be careful!

19. Complaints against Staff members are necessary feedback and to be sent directly to the Head of GMs, Nerokk or Varikina, via a forum personal message or made through a website support ticket.

20. Character and guild names must not contain any vulgar or offensive words.

Punishments for offensive names:

- forced rename
- for repeated offenders: 7 days account suspension (to scale up with each character/time)

Server Rules

1. General annoyances such as: flooding general/yell chat in a capital/zone, any form of harassment blocking the auction house, repeatedly breaking the sanctuary peace by exploiting bugs is not allowed.

Punishments for general annoyances:
- a verbal warning
- a day of account suspension

2. Game bugs are not to be abused.

Punishments for bug abusing:
- First time - 2 weeks
- Second time - 4 weeks
- Third ban - account terminated

SPECIAL NOTE* - depending on the bug's severity, the punishment may be an immediate account termination or have a lower/higher punishment time.

Example of bug exploits that would get your account suspended: 

- Circumventing a boss script - Anything that makes the given boss: not attack, not spawn adds (if any), avoiding dealing with his adds (if any), using any kind of bugs to avoid a boss spell (to kill him easier, such as replacing a certain debuff with a player spell that replaces the debuff from the boss)
- Abusing player spell/ability bug that causes damage amount that you'd never do in a normal way.
- Circumventing doors in instances to get loot you are not eligible for.
- Abusing a boss that can be summoned more than once (or respawns) for its loot.
- Abusing creature's lack of immunities (Able to mind control or enslave mobs that are over the spell's allowed level in order to kill players easily or the creatures in a dungeon or their spells are missing GCD.)
- Staying on higher, unreachable to mobs, grounds so melee mobs cannot attack you. Especially in level 70 instances.
- Abusing mobs that are not supposed to give XP (a bug) which respawn quickly, in great numbers, such as the Fire at Will quest, resulting in getting levels abnormally fast.

3. Hacking, botting or exploiting an issue that crashes the server are prohibited.

Punishments for botting:
A. First botting offence:
- 30 days account suspension and removal of profession, gold and ingredients obtained by botting
B. Second botting offence:
- Account termination

Punishments for hacking or intenionally crashing the server:
- Account termination

4. Honor/Arena win-trading (honor/arena swapping/not making any effort to win) is forbidden. Swapping also includes going in the arena/BGs naked, repeatedly not joining the arena to feed, fighting your own alternate characters (multiboxing), trading kills with someone else for kill counts/honor/arena rating&points, or the team you use in the arena consists out of your own characters and you are the one controlling them (dual/multiboxing).

SPECIAL NOTE: Win trading also includes any involvement in the formation and/or preparation of your opposing team. This includes getting "prearranged benefits" like gaining points and/or rating by fighting prearranged undergeared players, or play against own friends/familiars at a specific time with the intention to dodge playing against anyone else.

Punishments for win-trading:

A. First win-trading offense:
- 30 days account suspension
- entire PvP gear removed (any item containing resilience, battlemaster trinkets), BG marks, honor and arena points removed, team disbanded. Items bought with credits do not get removed, however, the level 70 gift does (if it contains resilience).
- Losing the right to win the arena season even if later on (in the same arena season) the players play fair.

B. Second win-trading offense:
- Account termination

5. Multiboxing, dual-queuing in BGs (disrupting the BG balance by queuing with more than 1 character at a time) and repeatedly AFKing in battlegrounds is not allowed.

Punishments for multiboxing, dual-queuing and repeatedly AFKing in battlegrounds:
- Verbal warning
- 1 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

6. Multiboxing using 3rd party program is not allowed.

Punishments for multiboxing via 3rd party software:
- 14 days account suspension
- account termination

7. Account/character trading or selling is prohibited. This also applies to trading gold between an Excalibur account and another server.

Punishments for account trading/selling or attempting to:
- Account termination

8. Any 'real money' transaction in exchange for credits, gold, characters, accounts is prohibited. This includes any attempt to exchange credits with gold, characters, accounts, ingame goods etc.

Punishments 'real money' transaction in exchange for credits/ingame goods:
- Account termination

9. Scamming players via account/character trading/selling, credits, COD scams etc is forbidden.

Punishments for scamming players ingame for characters/accounts/credits/cod scams:
- Account termination

- The Staff will not interfere with stolen dungeon IDs. Keep your own ID safe and only raid with trustworthy players.
- In the case of 1 person who was recently kicked from a dungeon and keeps on harassing the dungeon group by killing them or keeping the instance full, the GM will remove him.
- In the case of 2 raids attempting to do the same dungeon with the same ID (due it being stolen or otherwise) the Staff will NOT interfere. The raid groups can resolve the issue between themselves.

Punishments for a recently kicked person harassing an on-going dungeon group:
- Verbal warning
- 1 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

11. Casinos are forbidden.

Punishments for organizing casinos:
- 1 day of account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

12. Scamming others for in-game goods such as professions or item trades.

Punishments for in-game scams:
- 7 day account suspension
- 14 day account suspension
- account termination

13. Payment refunds that do not go through the staff and payment scams are forbidden.

Punishments for payment scams and fraudulent refunds:
- Account termination

14. Cross-faction PvP in capitals is forbidden. This means that PvP in capital cities is ALLOWED, but grouping with the opposite factions for heals, ressurection and other benefits is forbidden.

Punishments for cross-faction PvP in capitals:
- 1 day account suspension to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

15. Ganking aka corpse-camping is forbidden only when the character being camped is of gray level to his attacker (9 levels+ difference). Level 70s are expected to escape their attacker and/or call friends to help fight back, as this is a PvP server after all.

The maximum times a CHARACTER OF GRAY LEVEL TO HIS ATTACKER (9 levels+difference) can be killed in the form of corpsecamping (duels, capital cities, BGs, arena etc excluded) is 5 times. This rule does not apply if the reporter kept coming back to attack the reported offender in order to get him to kill him.

Punishments for corpsecamping: - 1 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

The staff reserves the right to investigate harassment reports towards characters of any level if for example one is being stalked throughout different zones for days to be killed, verbally abused, have his mobs continuously tagged etc. If you are a victim of this then please make a report including as many screenshots of the said offenses and make a website support ticket.

16. Verbal harassment via whispers: put the player on ignore and screenshot any similar harassment. Deliver the screenshots to the staff via a website support ticket, forum personal message or a forum report.

Special clause* any racist or discriminatory remarks are prohibited and lead to account suspension.

Punishments for verbal harassment:
- 1 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

17. Continuously opening website/ingame support tickets about the same issue is not allowed.

Punishments for spamming tickets:
- 1 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

18. Impersonating both players and staff members is explicitly forbidden.

Punishments for impersonating staff:
- Account termination
Punishments for impersonating players:
- 7 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

19. Staff disrespect anywhere on server grounds (forum, ingame, bug tracker, tickets etc) is forbidden. This includes revealing the Game Master's play characters to non-staff, disclosing private information, mocking/trolling a Game Master, spam /inv them, insulting them etc.

Punishments for staff disrespect:
- The game master against which the offense was made can decide on the 'gravity' of the offense.

* Appeals can be made to the Head Game Master.

20. Advertising other servers on server grounds (forum, ingame channels, chat, mails etc) is forbidden. This does not include mentioning other servers but avoid comparing Excalibur to others.

Punishments for advertising other servers:
- Account termination.

Official channel rules

1. World channel is officially English only.
2. GMhelp is English only unless your English below average and the Game Master speaks your language, in which case they can assist you better.
3. Spamming, chat stretching, changing the color of your posts or posting full sentences in capital letters is prohibited in the World and GMhelp channels.
4. The use of offensive words is forbidden. Including, but not limited to, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially and/or ethnically discriminating content.
5. Religious, racial or political propaganda is not allowed. This includes discussions about specific politicians, heated debates on laws and politics, discussing races, quoting holy books or heated debates on religion.

Punishments for the previously noted channel rules:
- Verbal warning
If repeated the same day:
- Channel kick
If repeated the same day:
- 15 minutes chat ban (mute)
If repeated the same day:
- 30 minutes chat ban (mute)
If repeated the same day:
- 1 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)
SPECIAL NOTE*: racially and/or ethnically discriminating content will lead to account suspension directly.

5. [anal]item or legendary/any item spams is forbidden. Starting or joining in will apply the following punishments:
- 30 minutes chat ban (mute)
If repeated the same day:
- 1 day account suspension (to scale up with each future offense of this rule)

6. Repeatedly breaking the channel rules to 'get a GM to come online' or get the GM's attention is forbidden.

Punishments for breaking channel rules to get a GM online:
- 1 day account suspension