Players Online

Name Level Race Class Guild Gender Total Time Played
Clubberlang 70 Orc Warlock She Had Me at Lok Tar Male 360d 23h 34m
Wiedenheft 70 Draenei Mage She Had Me At Lok Tar Female 326d 22h 56m
Sorree 70 Orc Hunter Not Sorree Female 176d 17h 25m
Ptaha 70 Draenei Shaman Fourth Reih Female 174d 3h 4m
Indiboy 70 Troll Hunter Male 156d 10h 4m
Ellissay 70 Night Elf Druid Forty Six nd Two Female 126d 8h 5m
Dreamstreet 70 Night Elf Druid Heroes of Camelot Female 108d 11h 9m
Hextar 70 Tauren Druid THE OVERPOWERED GOD Male 108d 7h 44m
Torensvk 70 Tauren Druid Unknown Male 106d 11h 47m
Birthcanal 70 Tauren Shaman cant afford retail Male 81d 4m
Vint 70 Undead Warrior Legend Continues Male 78d 2h 55m
Bugysham 70 Orc Shaman Deep Tranquility Male 78d 28m
Korgoth 70 Orc Warrior BlTCH PLEASE Male 76d 7h 58m
Ziliboba 70 Draenei Shaman Female 74d 21h 8m
Calefax 70 Human Mage Pop the Sheep Female 73d 23h 52m
Mutivoda 70 Tauren Warrior Shiny Loot Male 73d 5h 32m
Indiman 70 Night Elf Hunter Shiny Lewt Male 67d 21h 55m
Ligaya 70 Undead Rogue Male 66d 8h 26m
Johnymafo 70 Human Paladin BrotherHooD Male 64d 1h 16m
Lonelupuz 70 Orc Shaman Unknown Male 60d 2h 55m
Carebot 70 Night Elf Warrior CorruptioN Female 58d 2h 4m
Engetsu 70 Night Elf Druid Pop the Sheep Male 56d 16h 2m
Budo 70 Tauren Druid Male 52d 21h 35m
Shoctologist 70 Orc Shaman Shiny Loot Female 51d 7h 20m
Exodaros 70 Human Paladin Male 51d 16m
Sylk 70 Blood Elf Mage Unknown Female 49d 12h 36m
Unexpectedbj 70 Orc Warrior Corruption Male 48d 12h 51m
Ephedrin 70 Undead Mage Legend Continues Male 47d 20h 13m
Mimmica 70 Human Priest Ideal Raiding Female 46d 10h 59m
Lisata 70 Orc Shaman Neu Sonne Female 45d 6h 44m
Zoti 70 Night Elf Warrior Fans of Thorinoake Male 44d 14h 26m
Odius 70 Undead Rogue Brute Force Male 44d 13h 29m
Skaraben 70 Orc Warrior Svensk Female 44d 2h 2m
Phoenixx 70 Human Mage Female 43d 15h 20m
Theluxor 70 Blood Elf Paladin Shiny Loot Male 41d 9h 58m
Kotity 70 Blood Elf Priest Convergence Female 41d 7h 47m
Panoramix 70 Tauren Druid Neu Sonne Male 40d 14h 47m
Snowjester 70 Blood Elf Mage Nine Turning Mirrors Male 38d 19h 24m
Dezer 70 Orc Shaman dude its just a game Male 38d 11h 9m
Nocticula 70 Blood Elf Priest Dreams in True Female 38d 10h 30m
Reketas 70 Undead Mage Last WoW Clan Male 37d 3h 57m
Infectedthc 70 Blood Elf Warlock Italian Horde Female 36d 20h 6m
Narkissus 70 Night Elf Hunter Chess Pieces Male 36d 11h 13m
Tarsik 70 Human Paladin Neue Sonne Female 35d 16h 38m
Peymann 70 Tauren Druid Male 35d 16h 33m
Rustam 70 Tauren Druid NightFox Male 35d 9h 41m
Ragweed 70 Tauren Druid Convergence Female 35d 4h 53m
Axolotyl 70 Undead Priest Beast Male 35d 4h 0m
Cmuq 70 Orc Rogue Out Of Control Male 35d 46m
Umbrass 70 Undead Warlock HATED Male 34d 2h 17m
Cyfex 70 Tauren Druid The Commander Male 33d 23h 34m
Slammin 70 Draenei Shaman The Rabble Rousers Male 33d 9h 39m
Warlocy 70 Human Paladin Derp Male 32d 23h 6m
Soulhaunt 70 Orc Warlock Male 32d 17h 13m
Strori 70 Blood Elf Paladin Legend Continues Male 32d 36m
Tolda 70 Tauren Hunter Legend Continues Male 31d 23h 53m
Liirooy 70 Orc Hunter Male 31d 1h 4m
Fadinglightt 70 Blood Elf Hunter Male 30d 15h 55m
Arrabella 70 Human Mage Female 30d 8h 25m
Pinaw 70 Orc Warrior Zero Spiny Male 30d 1h 30m
Hardcorex 70 Undead Mage Kill the Sentinel Male 29d 19h 30m
Myzon 70 Gnome Warlock Neue Sonne Male 29d 17h 55m
Eggugat 70 Tauren Druid Convergence Male 29d 13h 27m
Rgomz 70 Orc Warrior All pass Male 29d 8h 31m
Shadeheart 70 Night Elf Rogue Sorry Not Sorry Female 28d 3h 23m
Vvii 70 Draenei Shaman Female 28d 3h 9m
Wemen 70 Troll Mage Out Of Control Male 27d 15h 24m
Missjackson 70 Troll Shaman Zero Spiny Female 27d 14h 33m
Farkee 70 Gnome Warlock Female 25d 10h 21m
Talrak 70 Tauren Druid Svensk Male 25d 8h 47m
Taraldarion 70 Blood Elf Warlock CZ stara garda Male 25d 7h 16m
Picopico 70 Tauren Druid Male 24d 22h 53m
Saso 70 Night Elf Druid Italian Alliance Male 24d 21h 27m
Gungyeilhak 70 Human Paladin Female 24d 16h 44m
Jiive 70 Night Elf Druid Sorry Not Sorry Male 23d 23h 2m
Peddan 70 Night Elf Rogue Illuminations Male 23d 22h 18m
Bramborak 70 Tauren Druid BrotherhooD Male 23d 19h 26m
Cheeko 70 Undead Warlock HATED Male 23d 9h 6m
Lilpee 70 Tauren Druid COMEATMEBRO II Female 23d 5h 3m
Bunting 70 Tauren Druid The Justice League Male 23d 50m
Kekety 70 Undead Warrior BG Bandits Male 22d 22h 6m
Bioenhe 70 Draenei Shaman Illuminations Female 22d 22h 2m
Barbequmaan 70 Tauren Shaman Horde Expedition Male 22d 16h 43m
Nethernef 70 Blood Elf Warlock The Insomniacs Male 22d 10h 47m
Impersonal 70 Undead Priest Horde Burning of Legion Female 22d 10h 38m
Santich 70 Blood Elf Paladin Second Breath Male 22d 9h 27m
Chocolina 70 Undead Warlock BG Bandits Female 22d 5h 42m
Jaedenn 70 Tauren Warrior The BanKerS Male 22d 1h 8m
Crazytank 70 Tauren Warrior Second Breath Male 21d 16h 15m
Soulraider 70 Blood Elf Mage Zero Spiny Male 21d 16h 6m
Meatlicker 70 Night Elf Warrior Female 20d 22h 43m
Domiskas 70 Draenei Mage Out of Control Female 20d 19h 56m
Pwony 70 Night Elf Druid Svenskar Female 20d 8h 41m
Gankkz 70 Orc Hunter Svensk Female 20d 5h 7m
Deeznuhts 70 Orc Shaman Male 19d 2h 46m
Panzerorc 70 Orc Hunter Beast Male 18d 21h 16m
Silvi 70 Orc Shaman Mirima Fion Female 18d 20h 54m
Irath 70 Tauren Druid Horde Expedition Male 18d 14h 56m
Auxetic 70 Orc Shaman Male 18d 5h 21m
Crynomore 70 Undead Warlock Cant Dispel Salt Female 17d 19h 27m
Fennerwe 70 Blood Elf Rogue Pancakes and Thunder Male 17d 18h 13m
Jenos 70 Orc Shaman dude its just a game Male 16d 16h 57m
Shannonlee 70 Draenei Warrior Burning of Legion Female 16d 16h 53m
Psotless 70 Night Elf Priest All Pass Female 16d 10h 33m
Ethelflaed 70 Night Elf Druid ecIipse Female 16d 2h 32m
Saqwer 70 Undead Mage FOR THE HORDE Male 15d 17h 18m
Gogan 70 Tauren Druid Male 15d 17h 14m
Domaslava 70 Night Elf Druid N D H Female 15d 15h 32m
Tis 70 Tauren Druid Horde Burning of Legion Female 15d 13h 31m
Fanskapii 70 Blood Elf Hunter Ghost in the Shell Female 15d 10h 29m
Slonopotam 70 Blood Elf Paladin Horde Burning of Legion Male 15d 3h 8m
Ratles 70 Night Elf Priest Female 15d 2h 20m
Dumsday 70 Night Elf Druid Dream in True Male 15d 1h 55m
Svartalfheim 70 Human Warrior Burning of Legion Female 14d 21h 38m
Cocutza 70 Tauren Druid Goons Female 14d 18h 3m
Defset 70 Troll Shaman The Void Male 14d 17h 8m
Gazorpa 70 Undead Priest eclipse Female 14d 16h 29m
Dindonuffin 70 Draenei Hunter Berzerker Male 14d 16h 26m
Benita 70 Human Rogue Female 14d 14h 51m
Sorusrb 70 Tauren Druid Knights of Chaos Male 14d 8h 1m
Soulmaster 70 Tauren Druid Zero Spiny Male 14d 6h 5m
Natanral 70 Undead Mage Second Breath Male 14d 3h 2m
Marrilyn 70 Blood Elf Rogue Christiania Female 14d 1h 32m
Desinochka 70 Blood Elf Priest Legend Continues Female 13d 20h 43m
Gibrid 70 Blood Elf Paladin Horde Burning of Legion Male 13d 20h 40m
Cassioopea 70 Human Priest GNOMELAND SECURITY Female 13d 12h 13m
Sattann 70 Orc Warlock Phoenix Rise Male 13d 8h 9m
Tourista 70 Troll Mage Female 13d 7h 41m
Teestan 70 Blood Elf Warlock Cant Dispel Salt Male 13d 3h 56m
Exirah 70 Undead Rogue just woke up Female 12d 20h 58m
Megapope 70 Dwarf Paladin League of Seventies Male 12d 19h 18m
Freyja 70 Blood Elf Paladin Neu Sonne Female 12d 17h 43m
Lametime 70 Night Elf Druid Forty Six nd Two Female 12d 8h 42m
Starplatynum 70 Human Paladin Brothers in arms Male 12d 6h 39m
Unika 70 Troll Priest Goons Female 12d 3h 39m
Qmq 70 Draenei Shaman Pop the Sheep Male 12d 41m
Naughtyhealz 70 Tauren Shaman Goons Female 11d 18h 21m
Hsukilac 70 Draenei Paladin Male 11d 17h 56m
Xbow 70 Blood Elf Hunter Knights of Chaos Male 11d 15h 46m
Testman 70 Undead Warlock HERO Male 11d 6h 38m
Gothai 70 Undead Priest Female 11d 4h 39m
Mantz 70 Gnome Warlock Svenskar Male 11d 4h 34m
Holyhasse 70 Human Paladin Svenskar Male 10d 22h 11m
Fireflekz 70 Troll Mage Player vs Pillar Female 10d 18h 5m
Aveon 70 Draenei Warrior Male 10d 10h 54m
Niamara 70 Undead Mage BeerFightersH Female 9d 22h 19m
Alouette 70 Blood Elf Paladin Brute Force Female 9d 21h 13m
Alidapally 70 Blood Elf Paladin Make HORDE Great Again Male 9d 20h 7m
Smartshadow 70 Undead Priest BrotherhooD Male 9d 18h 28m
Sunnym 70 Undead Mage All pass Female 9d 15h 6m
Warbobb 70 Troll Warrior Italian Horde Male 9d 7h 4m
Sizar 70 Night Elf Warrior Nexthun Male 9d 6h 41m
Leprouss 70 Orc Warlock HATED Male 9d 6h 3m
Deracv 70 Tauren Druid Male 9d 4h 58m
Morgant 70 Undead Rogue Goons Male 9d 3h 50m
Herbalicious 70 Night Elf Druid Organized Female 8d 21h 50m
Noxe 70 Blood Elf Warlock Loot Crusade Female 8d 19h 36m
Svan 70 Human Rogue Brothers in arms Male 8d 18h 27m
Overpowerd 70 Orc Shaman Forty Six and Two Male 8d 16h 13m
Sattan 70 Blood Elf Rogue Male 8d 15h 20m
Waterside 70 Blood Elf Rogue Make HORDE Great Again Male 8d 12h 59m
Jackiem 70 Undead Mage BrotherhooD Male 8d 12h 56m
Beloekopblto 70 Tauren Druid Horde Burning of Legion Female 8d 11h 59m
Sharonstoner 70 Blood Elf Paladin HATED Female 8d 9h 32m
Doc 70 Human Mage Male 8d 5h 37m
Zoloo 70 Human Warlock Male 8d 4h 23m
Apdomen 70 Orc Shaman Corruption Male 8d 2h 42m
Duracellpowa 70 Night Elf Druid League of Lowbies Female 7d 23h 56m
Djuna 70 Human Mage Gank Bus Female 7d 23h 54m
Culsu 70 Human Warlock Skull n Bones Female 7d 23h 28m
Mudang 70 Draenei Shaman its just a game dude Female 7d 21h 14m
Shanara 70 Blood Elf Mage Female 7d 16h 19m
Soladruid 70 Night Elf Druid Female 7d 11h 50m
Lavas 70 Night Elf Druid SACRUM Male 7d 9h 43m
Larza 70 Blood Elf Mage The Insomniacs Female 7d 9h 29m
Calypsol 70 Night Elf Druid Gang Male 7d 7h 4m
Rashantal 70 Blood Elf Paladin THE OVERPOWERED GOD Male 7d 6h 38m
Tilania 70 Blood Elf Paladin eclipse Female 7d 3h 33m
Mpoulntoza 70 Orc Warrior Deadfist Female 7d 2h 46m
Haryy 70 Human Warlock BrotherHooD Male 6d 21h 16m
Tibcsi 70 Tauren Druid Gyermekek Male 6d 18h 41m
Loveash 70 Human Rogue Brothers in arms Female 6d 16h 42m
Taxzar 70 Undead Warrior Male 6d 12h 50m
Babyspice 70 Night Elf Druid Dads bears and sons only Female 6d 12h 3m
Yoyoo 70 Human Rogue All Pass Female 6d 2h 14m
Coldkeyboard 70 Night Elf Druid Female 6d 1h 48m
Mokka 70 Tauren Warrior Indefectible Male 5d 22h 1m
Ischias 70 Orc Warrior I Ate A Chubby Gnome Male 5d 19h 31m
Flynx 70 Draenei Shaman Children Of Hungary Male 5d 19h 9m
Irathyo 70 Orc Hunter Enduring Entity Male 5d 17h 41m
Hairybear 70 Night Elf Druid Last Man Standing Male 5d 17h 24m
Akita 70 Human Mage Shiny Lewt Female 5d 15h 22m
Etino 70 Draenei Shaman Svenskar Male 5d 13h 56m
Vrajitoru 70 Troll Mage I Ate A Chubby Gnome Male 5d 10h 27m
Xixin 70 Night Elf Rogue Gang Female 5d 8h 35m
Sanner 70 Human Paladin ecIipse Male 5d 7h 2m
Leorox 70 Blood Elf Hunter Gyermekek Male 5d 1h 50m
Rozga 70 Undead Rogue Make HORDE Great Again Female 5d 1h 28m
Hashedpotato 70 Orc Shaman Goons Male 5d 44m
Kuhul 70 Tauren Shaman Einer Spinnt Immer Male 5d 39m
Manyss 70 Night Elf Druid Female 4d 21h 55m
Sneakydurp 70 Undead Rogue Ghost in the Shell Male 4d 18h 27m
Klou 70 Undead Priest Male 4d 14h 49m
Baracthul 70 Orc Warlock Syntagma Male 4d 9h 31m
Nihilie 70 Undead Mage Fluffy Invasion Female 4d 7h 24m
Fatnsloppy 70 Dwarf Priest Illuminations Female 4d 2h 40m
Despotic 70 Undead Mage Male 3d 22h 52m
Leoscow 70 Tauren Warrior Corruption Male 3d 20h 40m
Oks 70 Tauren Shaman Slavorum Male 3d 19h 0m
Taspolo 70 Human Paladin Male 3d 15h 21m
Borodatyj 70 Orc Hunter Shiny Loot Male 3d 6h 16m
Cathine 70 Human Rogue SACRUM Female 3d 5h 24m
Boomspygon 70 Troll Warrior Goons Male 3d 5h 4m
Tarse 70 Night Elf Druid Neue Sonne Female 3d 2h 52m
Birgitta 70 Undead Mage UnCoNtRoLaBLe Female 3d 1h 49m
Combyobeard 70 Orc Hunter dude its just a game Male 2d 20h 42m
Tatizor 70 Night Elf Druid Legion of Doom Female 2d 14h 55m
Blackward 70 Dwarf Priest BlacK Male 2d 3h 26m
Shamdiro 70 Troll Shaman Valhall Male 1d 23h 23m
Deliann 70 Troll Mage Male 1d 21h 38m
Dhuil 70 Undead Rogue Ghost in the Shell Male 1d 8h 42m
Sandalf 70 Gnome Mage Male 1d 5h 51m
Alkaida 70 Blood Elf Mage Female 1d 4h 56m
Allexandros 70 Undead Priest Male 1d 2h 8m
Psykohunter 70 Orc Hunter I Ate A Chubby Gnome Male 1d 1h 9m
Farmingkent 70 Night Elf Hunter Legion of Doom Female 17h 19m
Anulik 70 Blood Elf Priest Female 15h 20m
Valentyna 70 Dwarf Hunter Female 6h 9m
Prisjakt 70 Night Elf Druid Svenskar Male 28m
Tandaradei 69 Night Elf Druid Female 9d 19h 38m
Glucksschwe 68 Human Rogue Aegyssus Female 10d 4h 3m
Namdam 68 Troll Hunter Male 6d 17h 39m
Shmock 68 Dwarf Paladin Organized Male 4d 5h 14m
Taureny 68 Tauren Druid Male 1d 14h 30m
Petkolio 68 Human Warrior Male 1d 11h 48m
Horuwarde 68 Undead Warlock BrotherhooD Male 23h 11m
Dimaphenix 67 Blood Elf Rogue Horde Burning of Legion Female 7d 1h 42m
Ramdeath 67 Draenei Shaman T E A M Male 6d 2h 21m
Odlupys 67 Draenei Hunter T E A M Male 4d 21h 41m
Kijum 67 Tauren Shaman Female 1d 5h 50m
Camoka 67 Tauren Warrior I Ate A Chubby Gnome Male 16h 30m
Zloilok 66 Undead Warlock TBAPI TTOCTPALLIHEE Male 5d 2h 47m
Rukola 65 Orc Shaman Zero Spiny Female 6d 2h 26m
Cataclysmia 65 Blood Elf Mage I Ate A Chubby Gnome Female 5d 21m
Laeynna 65 Blood Elf Paladin Moonrise Female 4d 20h 56m
Luckyterror 65 Dwarf Paladin Male 3d 18h 45m
Skiggeboi 65 Blood Elf Paladin Male 1d 1h 18m
Septicemia 64 Blood Elf Paladin WE DA BOYZ Male 7d 12h 27m
Endarin 64 Draenei Paladin League of Lowbies Male 4d 18h 30m
Dyshm 64 Human Rogue Brothers in arms Female 4d 13h 25m
Xef 64 Human Rogue Female 3d 17h 24m
Horya 64 Draenei Warrior Utopia Female 3d 9h 16m
Uhniprd 64 Tauren Shaman BrotherhooD Female 2d 9h 45m
Tatavlad 64 Human Warrior Male 2d 1h 6m
Ysabel 63 Gnome Mage Berzerker Female 14d 12h 32m
Nenette 63 Blood Elf Warlock Infinite Female 8d 11h 13m
Jugea 63 Blood Elf Paladin Brute Force Female 7d 17h 57m
Kidomaru 63 Undead Rogue Vibe Raiders Male 7d 13h 40m
Tonyashakal 63 Blood Elf Mage Female 6d 7h 50m
Lipnja 63 Night Elf Hunter Female 5d 11h 0m
Feranki 63 Human Warrior Male 5d 8h 47m
Fyn 63 Draenei Warrior UnknowN Female 5d 56m
Elitka 63 Blood Elf Priest Out Of Control Female 4d 6h 49m
Aegan 63 Night Elf Druid Utopia Male 1d 21h 3m
Mongar 63 Orc Shaman Male 8h 36m
Baolopk 62 Tauren Warrior BeerFightersH Male 8d 12h 59m
Lensva 62 Blood Elf Rogue Felmyst Mercenaries Male 6d 1h 46m
Thealaren 62 Draenei Hunter Female 4d 19h 4m
Dunkardagny 62 Draenei Shaman The Flying Arrow Sisters Female 3d 17h 50m
Vanbismarck 62 Tauren Shaman Male 3d 17h 36m
Anobis 62 Gnome Rogue Brothers in arms Male 3d 15h 38m
Baelorn 62 Tauren Druid iron bank of braavos Male 3d 12h 45m
Gatewalker 62 Orc Warlock Big League Female 3d 4h 8m
Umbraes 62 Undead Priest Fluffy Invasion Male 2d 18h 3m
Purrypie 61 Draenei Shaman Divine justice Female 10d 22h 28m
Shilke 61 Draenei Mage The Flying Arrow Sisters Female 5d 16h 51m
Sweathog 61 Orc Warlock Male 4d 5h 10m
Bubbleoheal 61 Blood Elf Paladin Beast Male 1d 21h 41m
Bittaurent 61 Tauren Druid Male 1d 4h 6m
Cyrano 60 Tauren Shaman UNSEEN Male 7d 26m
Yradrielle 60 Night Elf Hunter Skull n Bones Female 6d 19h 54m
Zasmaruk 60 Orc Warlock Knights of Chaos Male 6d 10h 30m
Shaladia 60 Night Elf Hunter League of Lowbies Female 5d 16h 33m
Idontstopl 60 Blood Elf Paladin Dark Iron Lung Male 5d 5h 54m
Norqueatsz 60 Blood Elf Mage WE DA BOYZ Male 3d 5h 12m
Bahco 60 Night Elf Druid Female 2d 9h 26m
Raggodath 60 Blood Elf Paladin Lick my Crit Male 13h 48m
Mawanwala 59 Night Elf Druid Brothers in arms Female 4d 10h 55m
Sannoch 58 Human Rogue Brothers in arms Female 3d 11h 37m
Karaval 58 Night Elf Hunter Male 3d 8h 10m
Kwanon 57 Blood Elf Hunter Female 4d 6h 9m
Laertas 57 Orc Shaman Male 3d 8h 0m
Static 57 Orc Shaman Male 2d 13h 47m
Jollywoo 57 Undead Rogue Legend Continues Male 2d 36m
Salmadnar 56 Undead Warlock Male 3d 6h 25m
Glishamental 56 Orc Shaman Lick my Crit Male 2d 19h 33m
Blackkorovka 55 Tauren Shaman Male 3d 5h 38m
Wrathofhaven 55 Dwarf Priest Male 2d 21h 34m
Snekysquirrl 54 Human Rogue League of Lowbies Male 3d 4h 23m
Baluna 54 Undead Warlock Female 2d 23h 21m
Czlowiek 53 Human Warlock SACRUM Male 2d 20h 34m
Cranetime 52 Blood Elf Paladin Brute Force Male 3d 17h 27m
Denycrane 52 Blood Elf Warlock Brute Force Male 3d 13h 34m
Lolpriest 51 Blood Elf Priest IdSapThat Female 3d 18h 43m
Erllin 51 Night Elf Druid Female 2d 9h 0m
Mazaffaka 51 Human Mage Burning of Legion Male 2d 7h 23m
Ganic 50 Tauren Warrior BENCH PRESS ME DADDY Male 5d 19h 52m
Kyshina 50 Undead Warlock Ghost in the Shell Female 4d 19h 50m
Constiana 50 Human Priest League of Lowbies Female 2d 16h 4m
Bebero 50 Undead Mage Male 1d 18h 31m
Xtata 47 Orc Shaman Serbian Guerilla Male 3d 15h 10m
Rochara 47 Blood Elf Rogue Brute Force Female 2d 5h 45m
Xijur 47 Undead Rogue Male 2d 55m
Aminser 45 Human Paladin Brothers in arms Male 3d 22h 9m
Vanyr 45 Blood Elf Priest Brute Force Male 2d 14h 44m
Caliand 44 Human Warrior Brothers in arms Male 4d 10h 18m
Safio 44 Undead Warlock Male 3d 4h 33m
Historix 44 Dwarf Hunter Iron Bank Male 1d 20h 39m
Payn 43 Night Elf Rogue Entesheron Male 2d 2h 37m
Jedartera 41 Human Rogue GayPride Male 2d 20h 43m
Bloodword 41 Orc Warrior Female 1d 14h 47m
Azzinnoth 41 Undead Warrior Male 1d 14h 32m
Shamycrush 41 Orc Shaman Male 1d 5h 31m
Gumdorien 40 Dwarf Warrior Brothers in arms Male 5d 10h 14m
Packi 40 Blood Elf Rogue Psycho Male 2d 3h 45m
Shiron 40 Tauren Druid Lost Voyage Male 1d 14h 10m
Theror 39 Dwarf Warrior T E A M Male 3d 13h 12m
Lovenadjusia 39 Undead Rogue RAN Male 1d 13h 44m
Stinkweed 38 Troll Shaman Male 4d 23h 11m
Totalumami 38 Blood Elf Paladin Male 2d 5h 20m
Strok 38 Tauren Shaman Horde Burning of Legion Male 1d 19h 50m
Dittigy 37 Gnome Warrior Illuminations Male 2d 19h 52m
Goldmon 37 Undead Mage Female 2d 5h 51m
Croo 37 Blood Elf Mage Female 1d 20h 10m
Aconitine 37 Blood Elf Priest Female 1d 8h 52m
Expanze 36 Tauren Druid Out Of Control Female 1d 19h 26m
Ureken 36 Night Elf Hunter Female 1d 13h 18m
Beaston 36 Orc Hunter Male 1d 9h 30m
Taurrus 35 Tauren Warrior If We Die Its Lag Male 4d 15h 25m
Mesirah 35 Draenei Shaman Female 2d 7h 43m
Multilotto 35 Undead Priest Male 1d 9h 39m
Archergame 34 Blood Elf Hunter BrotherhooD Female 6d 13h 55m
Nilaam 34 Night Elf Priest Female 2d 19h 2m
Paku 34 Troll Shaman Male 1d 3h 51m
Fll 34 Human Warrior Heals bandages Female 1d 2h 51m
Drakarion 34 Blood Elf Paladin Ghost in the Shell Male 17h 49m
Tessoo 33 Dwarf Priest Male 1d 10h 19m
Zorich 33 Orc Warrior Moonrise Male 19h 21m
Fishyjoe 33 Night Elf Hunter The Rabble Rousers Male 8h 53m
Pui 32 Human Paladin The Flying Arrow Sisters Female 1d 12h 34m
Steeldragon 31 Orc Hunter Male 1d 5h 30m
Skoki 31 Human Paladin Male 1d 1h 19m
Ajaxs 30 Orc Warrior The Bright Side Male 1d 22h 42m
Lukumas 29 Orc Warlock Brute Force Male 1d 13h 37m
Adahlise 28 Night Elf Druid Brothers in arms Female 4d 1h 10m
Filippa 28 Blood Elf Mage Zero Spiny Female 16h 52m
Babavanga 27 Night Elf Warrior Female 1d 10h 46m
Murzik 27 Orc Shaman Male 1d 7h 32m
Smacker 26 Tauren Warrior Male 19h 18m
Drumid 25 Tauren Druid Male 5d 10h 37m
Balenor 25 Blood Elf Paladin Psycho Male 2d 12h 29m
Dnldtrmp 25 Orc Hunter Forty Six and Two Female 1d 6h 43m
Krasnal 25 Dwarf Warrior Brothers in arms Male 22h 8m
Dreamere 25 Night Elf Priest Male 21h 34m
Viya 25 Draenei Priest Female 20h 51m
Kyroh 24 Orc Shaman WAR Male 21h 42m
Helixhunt 24 Troll Hunter Male 20h 2m
Boldone 24 Draenei Shaman Male 15h 36m
Olgubbe 24 Undead Rogue Male 13h 49m
Ilvllatey 23 Blood Elf Warlock Male 15h 12m
Strpure 23 Human Paladin T E A M Female 11h 53m
Grappers 22 Blood Elf Paladin Male 17h 49m
Eritro 22 Orc Warrior Felmyst Mercenaries Male 11h 7m
Korabas 22 Blood Elf Paladin Female 9h 53m
Igarashi 21 Undead Warrior Female 15h 46m
Psotnei 20 Night Elf Druid All Pass Male 18h 41m
Kadastras 20 Dwarf Warrior League of Lowbies Male 18h 13m
Delinistus 20 Blood Elf Hunter Lick my Crit Male 10h 53m
Saraza 20 Gnome Warlock Female 10h 20m
Qzz 20 Blood Elf Warlock I Ate A Chubby Gnome Female 7h 39m
Pinklec 19 Gnome Mage Female 13h 14m
Goscha 19 Human Rogue Verteidiger des Unsinns Male 11h 34m
Azuri 19 Draenei Shaman Female 11h 14m
Kazadereza 19 Draenei Warrior Imperial Guard Female 10h 44m
Smackme 18 Troll Rogue Creditoria Female 1d 14h 32m
Allianna 18 Draenei Shaman Female 1d 5h 24m
Jeremyy 18 Blood Elf Paladin Male 9h 59m
Gosig 18 Tauren Druid Male 8h 16m
Direpants 18 Tauren Shaman Male 8h 8m
Greippi 18 Undead Warrior Female 4h 59m
Estrelaovos 17 Night Elf Druid Female 1d 19h 1m
Doborah 17 Blood Elf Warlock Jezdzcy Burzy Female 15h 35m
Bonemare 17 Undead Warlock Male 8h 6m
Kanguruda 16 Tauren Shaman Male 11h 50m
Loranda 16 Tauren Warrior Male 8h 6m
Alekshey 16 Dwarf Hunter League of Lowbies Male 7h 33m
Danad 15 Blood Elf Paladin Male 1d 40m
Scurr 15 Blood Elf Warlock Female 3h 58m
Puszekpl 14 Dwarf Warrior Male 8h 19m
Dwarfhmi 14 Dwarf Hunter Male 8h 12m
Bimboxxl 13 Orc Warlock Male 4h 43m
Mistycal 12 Blood Elf Priest Male 1d 16h 53m
Hvapatflir 12 Night Elf Hunter Male 8h 44m
Helanne 12 Blood Elf Hunter Lick my Crit Female 5h 0m
Yxo 11 Blood Elf Rogue BANKA Male 10d 56m
Firerun 11 Blood Elf Mage BrotherhooD Male 6h 7m
Lica 11 Night Elf Warrior Male 5h 50m
Fredekxd 11 Human Warrior Male 4h 29m
Kationa 10 Human Mage League of Lowbies Female 5h 41m
Radovan 10 Human Paladin League of Lowbies Male 4h 2m
Lokutus 10 Human Warlock Male 3h 24m
Pollywarlock 10 Human Warlock Female 3h 8m
Velociraptor 10 Orc Rogue Male 2h 31m
Skullnova 9 Undead Mage Lick my Crit Male 4h 53m
Dorula 9 Blood Elf Paladin Female 1h 59m
Bibibang 8 Tauren Druid Male 1h 28m
Volocron 8 Orc Hunter Male 1h 21m
Zuljinnhun 8 Troll Rogue Male 1h 20m
Valeerak 8 Blood Elf Paladin Female 1h 11m
Sneakerz 7 Undead Rogue Female 2h 0m
Sneakerzz 7 Undead Rogue Male 1h 56m
Grobbar 7 Undead Rogue Male 1h 52m
Monsa 7 Troll Rogue Male 1h 39m
Dorczar 6 Tauren Hunter Male 48m
Shocksuey 6 Troll Shaman Female 25m
Bannshe 4 Blood Elf Mage Female 35m
Flinten 4 Orc Shaman UnCoNtRoLaBLe Male 19m
Afsdf 2 Undead Rogue Male 26m
Cvita 1 Human Paladin N D H Female 12d 19h 19m
Accattona 1 Human Paladin Female 1h 31m