Players Online

Name Level Race Class Guild Gender Total Time Played
Dreamstreet 70 Night Elf Druid Heroes of Camelot Female 129d 7h 29m
Veter 70 Night Elf Druid Sorry Not Sorry Male 128d 3h 56m
Irulana 70 Blood Elf Warlock Horde Trade Guard Female 123d 22h 17m
Monkeybon 70 Undead Priest Kill the Sentinel Male 120d 12h 30m
Junglist 70 Orc Warrior Acquired via Paypal Female 107d 7h 32m
Kkyeyo 70 Orc Hunter Horde Trade Guard Female 100d 19h 36m
Antitank 70 Tauren Druid HarmonY Male 99d 16h 22m
Malkyrin 70 Night Elf Hunter Alliance Trade Guard Female 93d 18h 49m
Aranka 70 Night Elf Druid Epsilon Female 92d 5h 31m
Randaltor 70 Undead Priest Wanted Dead Or Undead Male 91d 5h 31m
Indiman 70 Night Elf Hunter Shiny Lewt Male 88d 11h 9m
Dreamlife 70 Tauren Druid Female 87d 42m
Kulachi 70 Tauren Druid Convergence Male 86d 2h 11m
Alodia 70 Draenei Mage Alliance Trade Guard Female 84d 8h 55m
Vorosh 70 Orc Shaman Male 77d 22h 50m
Degrasse 70 Human Mage Sorry Not Sorry Male 75d 18h 53m
Swagon 70 Blood Elf Paladin Female 75d 16h 47m
Rohatej 70 Tauren Shaman Out Of Control Male 59d 16h 59m
Lerouge 70 Human Rogue HALE ME Female 59d 5h 21m
Mambobb 70 Orc Warlock DPS Male 57d 20h 18m
Exodaros 70 Human Paladin Burning of Legion Male 55d 21h 4m
Revive 70 Night Elf Druid She Had Me At Lok Tar Male 55d 7h 37m
Naarr 70 Undead Warrior EternaI Gamers Male 55d 3h 54m
Gwyndolinn 70 Human Priest its just a game dude Female 53d 38m
Phoenixx 70 Human Mage ORION FAIRY STAR Female 52d 13h 6m
Minimrg 70 Gnome Warrior TPS Male 52d 9h 13m
Medosa 70 Orc Shaman Female 50d 19h 54m
Deepshadow 70 Orc Warlock W I P E B O Y Z Female 49d 16h 5m
Snowjester 70 Blood Elf Mage Nine Turning Mirrors Male 47d 21h 44m
Nomanshah 70 Blood Elf Paladin Make HORDE Great Again Male 47d 19h 56m
Falke 70 Troll Hunter eclipse Male 47d 37m
Nyraia 70 Undead Priest DPS Female 46d 10h 41m
Thorliev 70 Troll Mage BrotherhooD Male 45d 23h 41m
Bvb 70 Night Elf Hunter Sorry Not Sorry Male 45d 1h 15m
Arcon 70 Night Elf Druid Out of Control Female 43d 20h 3m
Spartaa 70 Tauren Druid Spirit Of Justice Female 43d 11h 48m
Dorthal 70 Undead Rogue RWA Female 43d
Dislike 70 Night Elf Druid GSG Female 42d 19h 57m
Putinator 70 Night Elf Druid Male 42d 9m
Linkmzk 70 Blood Elf Paladin Outside The Empire Female 41d 18h 3m
Oldmanballs 70 Tauren Shaman Burn Male 41d 10h 52m
Druchi 70 Tauren Druid Convergence Male 41d 8h 8m
Chopshop 70 Night Elf Hunter Yeti Toe Wiggle Male 41d 2h 5m
Anorana 70 Blood Elf Mage Spirit Of Justice Female 40d 13h 1m
Hanzdruid 70 Tauren Druid Out Of Control Male 40d 12h 37m
Kilovatka 70 Orc Warlock Neu Sonne Female 40d 11h 35m
Mixfix 70 Undead Rogue Male 40d 11h 11m
Spinnvill 70 Gnome Warrior BEAST Female 40d 10h 33m
Draxler 70 Undead Rogue Cant Dispel Salt Male 40d 39m
Weide 70 Blood Elf Paladin Spirit Of Justice Female 39d 21h 45m
Quuaz 70 Tauren Druid Svensk Male 38d 20h 10m
Batpulilka 70 Tauren Warrior Dreams in True Male 38d 54m
Narkissus 70 Night Elf Hunter Chess Pieces Male 37d 17h 15m
Bearboy 70 Tauren Druid Male 37d 6h 58m
Tanusha 70 Night Elf Warrior ecIipse Female 37d 4h 31m
Gorum 70 Tauren Warrior We Are Not Prepared Male 37d 1h 13m
Jasminka 70 Tauren Druid BrotherhooD Female 37d 1h 12m
Karkulka 70 Blood Elf Mage Bozi Omyl Female 36d 18h 16m
Gankkz 70 Orc Hunter Svensk Female 36d 13h 15m
Jereziah 70 Human Paladin BEAST Male 36d 1h 37m
Dreadscale 70 Troll Hunter Cant Dispel Salt Female 35d 21h 27m
Bhuldozer 70 Tauren Warrior Out Of Control Male 35d 4h 17m
Nenette 70 Blood Elf Warlock RWA Female 34d 7h 6m
Sizzle 70 Troll Mage Kill the Sentinel Male 33d 7h 30m
Tankundead 70 Undead Warrior Sunwell Male 33d 5h 37m
Ireth 70 Blood Elf Paladin She Had Me at Lok Tar Female 32d 14h 34m
Avalys 70 Blood Elf Paladin The Guild of ME Female 32d 12h 36m
Gunna 70 Orc Hunter dude its just a game Female 32d 10h 2m
Thaladin 70 Blood Elf Paladin Male 32d 6h 26m
Flexo 70 Blood Elf Rogue Moonrise Female 31d 22h 22m
Gwyhir 70 Tauren Shaman Cant Dispel Salt Male 31d 14h 8m
Recalltime 70 Tauren Druid All pass Male 31d 8h 41m
Droidz 70 Night Elf Druid Female 31d 6h 22m
Tankelite 70 Tauren Druid Fighter of the dark Male 31d 3h 54m
Irath 70 Tauren Druid Shiny Loot Male 30d 15h 20m
Jizzabel 70 Human Paladin Burning of Legion Female 30d 10h 46m
Ludiheal 70 Troll Shaman Unknown Female 30d 5h 37m
Kizzjkheal 70 Undead Priest Wanted Dead Or Undead Male 29d 17h 16m
Fashakh 70 Draenei Shaman GSG Female 29d 14h 43m
Fiehra 70 Night Elf Druid Acquired via Paysafe Female 29d 11h 45m
Periculosa 70 Orc Warlock Unknown Male 29d 8h 50m
Lelemud 70 Blood Elf Priest RWA Male 28d 18h 46m
Soliztice 70 Undead Priest Sunwell Female 28d 6h 43m
Anfiska 70 Night Elf Druid MoonrisE Female 28d 1h 49m
Sultan 70 Gnome Warrior Female 27d 11h 38m
Lelkesz 70 Blood Elf Warlock Female 27d 2h 11m
Qooqoo 70 Human Mage All Pass Female 27d 55m
Aylindel 70 Night Elf Hunter Female 26d 14h 46m
Gazorpa 70 Undead Priest eclipse Female 26d 9h 29m
Pallyplegic 70 Blood Elf Paladin Loot Crusade Male 26d 9h 1m
Jaedenn 70 Tauren Warrior Convergence Male 25d 14h 1m
Eldinn 70 Human Priest Wegamer Female 25d 7h 51m
Notsel 70 Night Elf Druid EHG Male 24d 14h 0m
Sanguistu 70 Blood Elf Paladin Saga Male 24d 3h 55m
Cinbri 70 Troll Hunter Cant Dispel Salt Male 23d 23h 2m
Outside 70 Undead Rogue Spirit Of Justice Female 23d 21h 48m
Deianeira 70 Blood Elf Priest eclipse Female 23d 21h 38m
Blodpaladin 70 Blood Elf Paladin Male 23d 13h 14m
Lurkinup 70 Troll Shaman Female 23d 12h 26m
Fafa 70 Troll Hunter Slavorum Male 22d 19h 28m
Isflickan 70 Night Elf Druid Svenskar Female 22d 17h 6m
Strides 70 Blood Elf Rogue Pyran Female 22d 12h 25m
Aerhandille 70 Orc Warrior Wanted Dead Or Undead Female 22d 4h 39m
Muldir 70 Undead Rogue Male 21d 10h 54m
Mandingox 70 Human Warlock ALMAS de BESTIAS Male 21d 6h 53m
Ungulate 70 Tauren Druid Immortals Male 21d 4h 9m
Yradrielle 70 Night Elf Hunter BEAST Female 20d 21h 18m
Asadchaq 70 Gnome Mage Conquerors Male 20d 13h 59m
Rafasan 70 Troll Hunter Moonrise Male 20d 6h 37m
Acewizard 70 Orc Warlock HERO Female 20d 4h 45m
Gekubenok 70 Human Priest Dream in True Female 20d 4h 26m
Megs 70 Night Elf Hunter Shiny Lewt Female 20d 4h 8m
Plazzer 70 Undead Rogue BrotherhooD Male 20d 3h 29m
Rommell 70 Undead Warlock Female 20d 2h 34m
Soukainaa 70 Troll Mage Burn Female 20d 1h 18m
Sabka 70 Blood Elf Mage Spirit Of Justice Female 19d 16h 21m
Nuramoon 70 Draenei Shaman BrotherHooD Male 19d 15h 40m
Eana 70 Night Elf Druid Sorry Not Sorry Female 19d 15h 23m
Auriuks 70 Orc Warrior Rebellion Male 19d 14h 4m
Lannae 70 Draenei Paladin Pack of Wolves Female 18d 22h 7m
Timidcat 70 Draenei Shaman Sorry Not Sorry Female 18d 18h 47m
Freyja 70 Blood Elf Paladin Neu Sonne Female 18d 14h 27m
Lisbet 70 Dwarf Paladin Sorry Not Sorry Female 18d 10h 33m
Holyhop 70 Blood Elf Paladin BrotherhooD Male 18d 10h 21m
Tryhards 70 Orc Warrior Horde Trade Guard Male 18d 6h 48m
Elroux 70 Human Warrior Female 18d 2h 54m
Anorexiaa 70 Undead Mage Ghost in the Shell Male 18d 2h 35m
Keqpir 70 Night Elf Druid Neue Sonne Male 18d 2h 1m
Notdruu 70 Night Elf Druid Hero Female 17d 22h 47m
Queenyuna 70 Tauren Druid HERO Male 17d 21h 3m
Kyshina 70 Undead Warlock Outside The Empire Female 17d 8h 53m
Amatria 70 Tauren Druid Demonmaniac s Minion Female 17d 8h 37m
Mortor 70 Undead Rogue We Are Not Prepared Male 17d 4h 4m
Zuzu 70 Troll Shaman DPS Male 17d 2h 48m
Scalfac 70 Night Elf Warrior Soldiers of The Lord Male 17d 1h 45m
Pappadiko 70 Undead Priest RWA Male 16d 18h 34m
Soladruid 70 Night Elf Druid Female 16d 17h 14m
Eslatera 70 Blood Elf Priest eclipse Female 16d 15h 5m
Strickers 70 Orc Shaman V E R G U L H O S Male 16d 13h 6m
Hvaptflir 70 Night Elf Hunter T F L I R Male 16d 12h 55m
Kijanka 70 Undead Warlock Dreams in True Male 16d 10h 43m
Wasbas 70 Human Paladin Sorry Not Sorry Male 16d 7h 34m
Lazzyboy 70 Human Paladin Dark Energy Male 16d 4h 53m
Amartyas 70 Tauren Shaman Beast Male 16d 4h 42m
Bloodheal 70 Blood Elf Priest Dubbel Trubbel Female 16d 2h 4m
Farmchar 70 Blood Elf Warlock Female 15d 18h 37m
Ambulans 70 Human Priest Female 15d 9h 57m
Potatoes 70 Orc Hunter Sunwell Male 15d 9h 55m
Orcdescendan 70 Orc Shaman Immortal Technique Male 15d 8h 53m
Samatidps 70 Human Rogue suprhunte Male 15d 5h 6m
Stanulka 70 Night Elf Druid Pack of Wolves Female 15d 2h 48m
Splatacular 70 Undead Rogue Psycho Female 14d 18h 19m
Lava 70 Night Elf Hunter SACRUM Male 14d 17h 2m
Bogalj 70 Undead Mage Male 14d 14h 38m
Imsto 70 Undead Warlock Svensk Male 14d 11h 26m
Qmq 70 Draenei Shaman Pop the Sheep Male 14d 9h 45m
Ryepudding 70 Gnome Warlock PoronKusema Male 14d 9h 21m
Alibh 70 Night Elf Hunter The Ministry of Banter Male 14d 5h 59m
Armadaxe 70 Orc Warrior Aristocracy Male 14d 4h 4m
Arnes 70 Night Elf Hunter BrotherHooD Female 14d 3h 50m
Mityai 70 Tauren Warrior Outside The Empire Male 14d 3h 6m
Morindrede 70 Night Elf Priest Moonwell Female 13d 23h 46m
Polylol 70 Blood Elf Mage eclipse Female 13d 19h 38m
Almanfurei 70 Gnome Mage Sorry Not Sorry Male 13d 15h 57m
Saints 70 Orc Warrior Male 13d 12h 25m
Miraclegodx 70 Undead Mage above the law Male 13d 9h 10m
Euphor 70 Dwarf Rogue BeerFighters Female 13d 8h 20m
Prump 70 Troll Shaman Vibe Raiders Male 13d 8h 3m
Oldpepper 70 Human Warrior Dream in True Male 13d 3h 26m
Testicool 70 Gnome Warrior Italian Alliance Male 13d 2h 11m
Occultist 70 Undead Mage RWA Male 13d 1h 3m
Dirun 70 Undead Warlock Vibe Raiders Male 12d 21h 50m
Yunyamma 70 Night Elf Druid Female 12d 20h 59m
Vuzajin 70 Troll Warrior Horde Burning of Legion Male 12d 16h 22m
Jesee 70 Undead Warrior Male 12d 15h 27m
Slikkey 70 Blood Elf Mage Einer Spinnt Immer Male 12d 14h 19m
Dntaskmebuff 70 Blood Elf Paladin DPS Female 12d 13h 55m
Sargento 70 Human Paladin Sorry Not Sorry Male 12d 11h 48m
Gollgot 70 Troll Shaman Vibe Raiders Male 12d 10h 13m
Deathanngel 70 Blood Elf Warlock RWA Female 12d 10h 10m
Misstake 70 Gnome Mage Ragequit Female 12d 9h 18m
Muskel 70 Draenei Shaman RwA Male 12d 5h 28m
Petiwow 70 Human Warrior League of Seventies Male 12d 3h 13m
Plensou 70 Blood Elf Hunter Horde Expedition Male 12d 1h 52m
Szopenek 70 Human Paladin SACRUM Male 12d 35m
Marady 70 Draenei Paladin Divine justice Female 11d 14h 19m
Alprazolover 70 Undead Mage Still Not Sorry Male 11d 13h 30m
Hairyhat 70 Dwarf Paladin Deus Vult Male 11d 5h 51m
Euw 70 Gnome Warrior Sorry Not Sorry Male 11d 1h 47m
Gillan 70 Orc Hunter eclipse Male 11d 1h 8m
Spindrift 70 Night Elf Druid Ragequit Female 11d 1h 0m
Herbicide 70 Tauren Druid Pyran Male 11d 58m
Missq 70 Blood Elf Paladin All pass Female 11d 57m
Betelgeise 70 Undead Warrior Neu Sonne Male 11d 30m
Lastshamy 70 Orc Shaman Male 10d 22h 9m
Restobeam 70 Tauren Shaman Slavorum Male 10d 19h 42m
Lukumas 70 Orc Warlock Brute Force Male 10d 17h 5m
Yugador 70 Night Elf Hunter Pack of Wolves Male 10d 16h 1m
Ironarrow 70 Orc Hunter Male 10d 14h 55m
Maldecionero 70 Undead Priest Wanted Dead Or Undead Male 10d 13h 37m
Enforcia 70 Draenei Shaman Female 10d 13h 20m
Destyny 70 Human Priest RwA Female 10d 12h 37m
Bedbmak 70 Human Paladin Dream in True Male 10d 12h 23m
Daldintoko 70 Tauren Druid Brute Force Male 10d 10h 51m
Pabllovittar 70 Night Elf Hunter Brothers in arms Female 10d 5h 47m
Lukaviubica 70 Tauren Druid warcraftians Male 10d 5h 21m
Lithrazil 70 Troll Priest RWA Female 10d 4h 46m
Korshadowso 70 Blood Elf Mage HERO Female 10d 3h 40m
Naira 70 Blood Elf Priest Demonmaniac s Minion Female 10d 2h 10m
Voyage 70 Undead Priest The Insomniacs Male 9d 22h 29m
Hekati 70 Human Rogue Female 9d 22h 28m
Vanbismarck 70 Tauren Shaman Randals Carlsons Male 9d 22h 14m
Hormonik 70 Undead Rogue Out Of Control Male 9d 21h 47m
Bjo 70 Human Warrior Prometheus Male 9d 20h 55m
Kassaria 70 Human Priest Imperial Guard Female 9d 19h 43m
Pokuston 70 Troll Mage ConquerorS Male 9d 16h 38m
Bulani 70 Tauren Druid Vibe Raiders Male 9d 16h 25m
Gankzyou 70 Undead Rogue TRIBAL NATION Male 9d 12h 8m
Shushey 70 Human Warrior BRB Female 9d 11h 32m
Wmwwmmwmwwmm 70 Undead Warlock She Had Me at Lok Tar Male 9d 10h 46m
Xiraiya 70 Blood Elf Priest Rebellion Female 9d 10h 18m
Berri 70 Tauren Druid Infinite Male 9d 10h 7m
Flach 70 Night Elf Druid Prometheus Male 9d 8h 48m
Haukka 70 Blood Elf Priest Infinite Female 9d 8h 15m
Xiaopang 70 Tauren Warrior All pass Male 9d 7h 33m
Riim 70 Orc Hunter Female 9d 6h 26m
Loyjo 70 Blood Elf Mage The Dirtiest Guys Female 9d 6h 5m
Dekon 70 Night Elf Druid Dream in True Male 9d 3h 55m
Eurya 70 Orc Hunter ConquerorS Female 9d 3h 15m
Fernkolett 70 Undead Priest Railgun Ate My Cat Male 9d 2h 9m
Omfgthisname 70 Blood Elf Mage Haralds Modeller Male 8d 22h 1m
Ramssey 70 Undead Warlock Male 8d 21h 43m
Thempus 70 Draenei Mage League of Seventies Male 8d 15h 59m
Pnemonia 70 Undead Mage Knights of the Moon Female 8d 12h 14m
Ruun 70 Tauren Warrior Lux Aeterna Male 8d 9h 24m
Lonner 70 Troll Hunter Female 8d 5h 37m
Spiderdead 70 Undead Warrior Pilsnerska Orchestra Male 8d 4h 25m
Cindyado 70 Orc Rogue All pass Male 8d 3h 6m
Twiter 70 Gnome Warlock Male 8d 3h 2m
Maletzka 70 Gnome Warrior RwA Female 8d 2h 25m
Mixrix 70 Orc Warrior Male 8d 1h 29m
Kromb 70 Undead Warlock Dreams in True Male 8d 1h 9m
Ihaveacat 70 Blood Elf Paladin Female 8d 7m
Petronela 70 Human Warlock Female 7d 23h 35m
Dnishe 70 Tauren Warrior Dreams in True Male 7d 23h 31m
Dvisting 70 Dwarf Hunter Dream in True Male 7d 19h 53m
Gyosh 70 Orc Warrior Male 7d 19h 25m
Serghetto 70 Tauren Shaman The Horde Elite Male 7d 18h 31m
Cronossm 70 Night Elf Druid RwA Male 7d 16h 36m
Eccies 70 Troll Shaman dude its just a game Male 7d 15h 35m
Kreecher 70 Tauren Druid Saga Male 7d 13h 33m
Chillbone 70 Undead Mage Male 7d 12h 4m
Idaniel 70 Blood Elf Mage EternaI Gamers Male 7d 11h 43m
Fels 70 Tauren Druid Zero Spiny Male 7d 11h 10m
Virsaitis 70 Troll Shaman Male 7d 9h 37m
Lamaet 70 Blood Elf Rogue Female 7d 9h 12m
Arnietje 70 Undead Priest Cant Dispel Salt Female 7d 9h 8m
Ashandraia 70 Blood Elf Mage I Ate A Chubby Gnome Female 7d 8h 9m
Gixxow 70 Human Priest kullving Male 7d 7h 11m
Deliann 70 Troll Mage Male 7d 6h 37m
Taoma 70 Troll Hunter EpsiIon Female 7d 4h 37m
Lionna 70 Blood Elf Hunter BeerFightersH Female 7d 3h 4m
Unexxpect 70 Undead Rogue Long Forgotten Sonnets Female 7d 2h 58m
Arkbloodhoof 70 Tauren Shaman Sunwell Male 6d 23h 58m
Besov 70 Undead Warlock Outside The Empire Male 6d 23h 51m
Huntingnoobs 70 Orc Hunter Male 6d 23h 48m
Jaeckob 70 Blood Elf Hunter The Savages Male 6d 23h 17m
Kakyebysyka 70 Orc Warrior Spirit Of Justice Female 6d 21h 56m
Sniaa 70 Night Elf Druid Prometheus Female 6d 20h 31m
Weaksoul 70 Gnome Warlock Sorry Not Sorry Female 6d 19h 36m
Grigs 70 Tauren Druid Male 6d 17h 49m
Sappheronius 70 Draenei Paladin Male 6d 15h 34m
Creo 70 Human Paladin The Stag Party Male 6d 13h 32m
Frostar 70 Undead Mage Male 6d 11h 48m
Konstanze 70 Human Paladin Female 6d 11h 34m
Tolyan 70 Tauren Druid The Horde Elite Male 6d 9h 49m
Seirno 70 Blood Elf Paladin Female 6d 6h 42m
Lynaura 70 Blood Elf Mage BEAR PACK Female 6d 1h 4m
Prion 70 Human Warrior Out of Control Male 5d 22h 45m
Slayerskull 70 Undead Warrior DPS Male 5d 21h 59m
Yokkye 70 Orc Warlock eclipse Male 5d 20h 11m
Cadd 70 Dwarf Warrior Male 5d 19h 45m
Vanesaa 70 Blood Elf Mage Female 5d 18h 59m
Commandos 70 Orc Warrior Moonrise Male 5d 18h 55m
Siggah 70 Gnome Mage Male 5d 18h 21m
Lofwyr 70 Blood Elf Paladin Einer Spinnt Immer Female 5d 15h 14m
Emakaru 70 Night Elf Druid The Stag Party Female 5d 10h 33m
Hakun 70 Tauren Druid Zero Spiny Male 5d 8h 40m
Extas 70 Undead Warlock Outside The Empire Male 5d 7h 52m
Zulraag 70 Troll Hunter Male 5d 6h 13m
Kaelerian 70 Night Elf Druid TPS Male 5d 57m
Russianbro 70 Night Elf Warrior Burning of Legion Male 4d 22h 32m
Hummybuns 70 Tauren Druid Psycho Male 4d 20h 51m
Vencikosata 70 Orc Warrior Razorfen Down Syndrome Male 4d 20h 45m
Uckpa 70 Troll Shaman Horde Burning of Legion Female 4d 20h 12m
Hamletess 70 Blood Elf Rogue Red Bull Female 4d 9h 12m
Paracore 70 Draenei Shaman Female 3d 14h 39m
Meumeu 70 Tauren Druid Male 3d 14h 33m
Sadun 70 Human Warrior Skull n Bones Male 3d 12h 49m
Florra 70 Undead Rogue eclipse Female 3d 12h 2m
Zuespriest 70 Blood Elf Priest Da Amani Empire Male 3d 11h 53m
Argoo 70 Tauren Druid BrotherhooD Male 3d 8h 36m
Rozaleta 70 Blood Elf Priest Spirit Of Justice Female 3d 7h 51m
Croht 70 Human Paladin Female 3d 7h 51m
Razhgor 70 Orc Hunter Fluffy Invasion Male 3d 2h 37m
Smilja 70 Troll Mage Female 2d 21h 6m
Bloodbeer 70 Blood Elf Paladin TRIBAL NATION Male 2d 6h 56m
Susby 70 Human Priest Italian Alliance Male 2d 4h 42m
Gschroppen 70 Orc Shaman Male 1d 22h 13m
Devilnice 70 Undead Priest Outside The Empire Male 1d 19h 3m
Stikkersen 70 Human Rogue League of Lowbies Female 1d 17h 33m
Genifa 70 Tauren Druid Slavorum Male 1d 9h 15m
Buffalogrill 70 Tauren Druid Immortal Technique Male 1d 8h 10m
Yosoypro 70 Orc Hunter Male 1d 3h 56m
Thromp 70 Orc Hunter Male 20h 50m
Birdwhisper 70 Night Elf Druid gods of world Female 18h 48m
Antiitank 70 Night Elf Druid Female 16h 21m
Acrn 70 Blood Elf Paladin Female 14h 22m
Musciatto 70 Blood Elf Paladin Male 7h 30m
Drumid 69 Tauren Druid Male 51d 6h 54m
Azielor 69 Blood Elf Paladin dude its just a game Male 7d 17h 8m
Retrick 69 Blood Elf Paladin Outside The Empire Male 5d 7h 58m
Broddis 69 Human Warrior Male 5d 5h 15m
Nique 69 Human Paladin Living For Fun Female 4d 18h 2m
Ghith 69 Undead Rogue Svensk Female 3d 2h 15m
Targetlocked 69 Orc Warlock Svensk Female 1d 14h 59m
Drafz 68 Tauren Druid Zero Spiny Male 6d 8h 11m
Slipsnap 68 Gnome Warlock BeerFighters Male 4d 18h 44m
Drobecek 68 Tauren Druid Out Of Control Male 4d 5h 56m
Biggerjj 68 Undead Warlock All pass Male 2d 21h 21m
Bugymage 68 Troll Mage Sunwell Female 2d 14h 1m
Calibr 67 Blood Elf Warlock ConquerorS Male 8d 11h 59m
Jaghi 67 Troll Shaman Immortal Technique Male 6d 9h 43m
Kuzzh 67 Undead Priest Svensk Female 4d 22h 44m
Shockk 67 Orc Shaman Male 4d 10h 18m
Chairman 67 Human Paladin Male 1d 9h 52m
Ragnare 66 Human Warrior Male 6d 18h 16m
Nastymcfilth 66 Troll Hunter Immortal Technique Male 6d 8h 9m
Usvit 66 Blood Elf Paladin Female 4d 23h 0m
Viktorhunter 66 Human Priest The Stag Party Male 4d 10h 4m
Gankzvrymuch 66 Blood Elf Warlock TRIBAL NATION Male 2d 22h 21m
Brundibarka 65 Tauren Druid Bozi Omyl Female 5d 6h 34m
Lunarka 65 Blood Elf Paladin Bozi Omyl Female 5d 4h 25m
Futz 65 Tauren Warrior TRIBAL NATION Male 4d 20h 42m
Osgrom 65 Tauren Druid Male 4d 7h 48m
Inys 65 Tauren Druid Female 3d 2h 40m
Shoah 64 Human Warrior Female 5d 21h 8m
Molda 63 Gnome Warrior Gank Bus Female 5d 11h 37m
Laima 63 Undead Warlock Female 5d 3h 33m
Nothingman 63 Tauren Druid Ergenekon Male 4d 3h 26m
Vastolord 63 Undead Warrior Immortal Technique Male 3d 20h 49m
Horungee 63 Night Elf Druid Andromedan Council Male 3d 12h 7m
Furie 63 Human Rogue Prometheus Female 3d 6h 32m
Ganaroth 63 Orc Shaman Male 1d 7h 51m
Neganaut 62 Undead Priest LOL Female 14d 12h 47m
Twinkerballa 62 Blood Elf Hunter Long Forgotten Sonnets Female 6d 4h 12m
Hooligaan 62 Undead Rogue EternaI Gamers Male 5d 4h 43m
Sourdiesel 62 Draenei Paladin League of Lowbies Male 4d 11h 38m
Hottub 62 Tauren Druid Male 12h 26m
Fallenlajohn 61 Blood Elf Paladin Eden Male 6d 16h 11m
Skitten 61 Tauren Druid Immortal Technique Female 6d 2h 47m
Maszat 61 Night Elf Warrior Gang Female 4d 18h 56m
Drblackpool 61 Troll Hunter Murloc Mercenaries Male 4d 58m
Afghana 61 Night Elf Priest Female 3d 22h 36m
Adrielcz 61 Dwarf Priest Conquerors Female 2d 21h 11m
Freezepro 60 Gnome Mage FREEZE Female 5d 10h 47m
Hauul 60 Night Elf Warrior League of Lowbies Male 5d 7h 39m
Brokenbrake 60 Gnome Mage BROKENBRAKE Male 5d 6h 40m
Punish 60 Gnome Rogue I M S H I Male 5d 2h 58m
Stinglike 60 Gnome Rogue S T I N G Female 5d 12m
Methrend 60 Human Mage The Great Bulgaria Male 4d 16h 44m
Elinne 60 Blood Elf Mage BeerFightersH Female 4d 9h 34m
Rajaningo 60 Troll Shaman Male 2d 17h 38m
Talanaar 60 Blood Elf Paladin Male 2d 13h 45m
Zwieselstein 60 Dwarf Priest Male 2d 7h 48m
Slaggenfeldt 60 Draenei Hunter League of Lowbies Female 2d 7h 13m
Elenua 60 Night Elf Druid Deus Vult Female 2d 6h 33m
Dasaroum 60 Night Elf Druid Hero Female 2d 6h 30m
Zuckeronkel 60 Gnome Mage Deus Vult Male 2d 3h 7m
Shockadelick 60 Draenei Paladin Male 1d 33m
Mipster 60 Human Mage Deus Vult Male 14h 42m
Capulet 60 Human Priest Female 8h 18m
Renevant 58 Gnome Warlock Male 2d 15h 38m
Xuniia 58 Human Warrior Male 1d 18h 41m
Exomorf 57 Orc Warlock Outside The Empire Male 4d 2h 25m
Ekkaia 57 Dwarf Warrior The Stag Party Male 3d 18h 47m
Victhor 57 Draenei Warrior Brotherhood of Pilsen Male 3d 16h 17m
Mestira 56 Human Rogue ecIipse Male 4d 46m
Sidorov 56 Gnome Mage Burning of Legion Male 3d 10h 34m
Estellea 55 Dwarf Warrior League of Lowbies Female 4d 15h 27m
Fatezyz 55 Gnome Mage Male 3d 13h 7m
Bijoux 53 Gnome Mage Female 4d 2h 42m
Elinis 53 Blood Elf Paladin Immortal Technique Female 3d 19h 59m
Rikene 53 Human Paladin Burning of Legion Male 1d 22h 4m
Sylessa 52 Night Elf Warrior Female 4d 10h 10m
Cipela 52 Night Elf Priest Deus Vult Female 4d 4h 8m
Mataes 52 Human Warrior Female 2d 10h 29m
Goni 51 Night Elf Druid Hero Male 2d 15h 58m
Mckoetje 50 Tauren Warrior Nagas Stole My Bike Male 2d 2h 47m
Mansherry 49 Gnome Mage Heritage of Kings Female 3d 3h 31m
Weeky 49 Undead Priest All pass Female 1d 17h 24m
Deefly 49 Blood Elf Paladin BrotherhooD Male 1d 16h 55m
Rekragha 48 Orc Rogue Psycho Male 5d 4h 32m
Ceos 48 Draenei Warrior Male 4d 3h 53m
Chinamii 48 Orc Shaman Ghost in the Shell Female 3d 12h 33m
Lynit 48 Undead Priest Brute Force Female 2d 12h 11m
Blackford 48 Blood Elf Warlock Male 2d 12h 5m
Tokstolle 47 Blood Elf Paladin Svensk Male 6d 1h 15m
Bayoo 47 Gnome Mage Female 1d 17h 53m
Gek 47 Dwarf Paladin Male 1d 22m
Mehran 46 Tauren Warrior Ultra Bank Male 4d 12h 11m
Urelsor 46 Blood Elf Mage Immortal Technique Male 4d 7h 4m
Baaka 46 Blood Elf Rogue Male 2d 6h 0m
Pawsy 46 Tauren Druid Immortal Technique Male 2d
Ilillilli 45 Gnome Mage Female 2d 19h 44m
Trolissa 45 Troll Mage TRIBAL NATION Female 1d 23h 24m
Nutakoe 45 Draenei Hunter Female 1d 6h 3m
Philomena 44 Night Elf Rogue All Pass Female 2d 11h 20m
Tubocurarine 44 Undead Rogue Brute Force Male 2d 8h 5m
Cirkeline 44 Blood Elf Paladin Immortal Technique Male 1d 21h 14m
Wandawg 43 Night Elf Rogue Deus Vult Male 4d 18h 35m
Ballanear 43 Undead Warlock Zero Spiny Male 2d 2h 44m
Tseem 43 Blood Elf Paladin Immortal Technique Male 2d 1h 26m
Aeronsand 42 Blood Elf Paladin Immortal Technique Male 2d 8h 17m
Kojacke 42 Draenei Hunter Male 2d 6h 11m
Shuayn 42 Tauren Shaman Immortal Technique Male 1d 21h 38m
Msappear 41 Blood Elf Rogue Christmas Mafia Female 3d 6h 31m
Panoser 41 Tauren Druid Psycho Male 2d 4h 5m
Toosimple 41 Undead Warlock All pass Female 2d 2h 37m
Gryzek 41 Blood Elf Paladin Zero Spiny Male 1d 19h 10m
Illidansmom 41 Draenei Hunter Female 1d 2h 38m
Thewurst 41 Draenei Shaman Female 22h 49m
Mazgrum 40 Orc Warlock Male 2d 9h 10m
Dreszcz 40 Orc Shaman Zero Spiny Male 1d 19h 20m
Meatdrapez 40 Blood Elf Priest Female 1d 3h 1m
Oursanplus 37 Night Elf Druid Male 2d 1h 8m
Zenofetus 37 Night Elf Hunter Deus Vult Female 1d 14h 36m
Chimerazz 37 Orc Hunter Male 1d 7h 35m
Psyelf 37 Blood Elf Priest Female 1d 1h 8m
Rarewitch 36 Draenei Paladin Money over B i t c h e s Female 2d 2h 44m
Snakss 36 Human Rogue Female 1d 21h 22m
Narkki 36 Undead Rogue Above the Law Male 1d 19h 37m
Magarel 36 Troll Priest Immortal Technique Male 1d 13h 43m
Neiroshaman 36 Tauren Shaman Male 1d 13h 25m
Grimaldien 36 Blood Elf Paladin Female 1d 6h 6m
Drinkingmoo 35 Tauren Druid BrotherhooD Male 3d 18h 24m
Alkoraider 35 Human Priest MoonrisE Female 2d 11h 50m
Magnot 34 Gnome Mage Twilight Unicorn Male 2d 17h 18m
Gortengojach 34 Human Mage Male 1d 19h 45m
Wolaboga 33 Orc Rogue Zero Spiny Male 2d 1h 48m
Demirhan 33 Blood Elf Warlock Male 1d 21h 14m
Revengee 33 Undead Rogue TRIBAL NATION Male 1d 13h 22m
Poli 33 Blood Elf Mage Female 1d 2h 38m
Mononoki 32 Night Elf Hunter For the alliance Female 2d 12h 40m
Octamitya 32 Troll Shaman Outside The Empire Female 1d 18h 45m
Riibas 32 Blood Elf Mage Christmas Mafia Female 1d 18h 7m
Fnuttegull 32 Blood Elf Paladin TRIBAL NATION Female 1d 7h 38m
Tida 31 Blood Elf Mage Immortal Technique Female 2d 3h 45m
Fredibobic 31 Troll Mage Male 1d 4h 56m
Pboi 31 Troll Shaman WorldDefense Male 1d 3h 21m
Tichmuth 31 Orc Hunter Male 20h 1m
Shidana 30 Blood Elf Hunter Immortal Technique Female 2d 6m
Yomolo 30 Undead Warlock Male 1d 4h 53m
Bigholyguy 30 Draenei Paladin Gameboyz Male 16h 24m
Tinabarrett 30 Human Paladin League of Seventies Female 15h 13m
Kuros 28 Draenei Shaman Full Metal Dragons Male 2d 19h 48m
Finator 28 Undead Warlock Immortal Technique Male 1d 9h 38m
Holywarlock 28 Undead Warlock Immortal Technique Male 1d 5h 17m
Hitteebarn 27 Night Elf Druid Female 1d 39m
Corene 26 Draenei Shaman Female 1d 8h 16m
Altavi 26 Undead Priest Female 21h 22m
Criogen 26 Undead Mage Male 20h 23m
Hollyg 26 Blood Elf Paladin Female 20h 13m
Neolexz 25 Draenei Warrior Full Metal Dragons Male 1d 2h 33m
Titinka 25 Draenei Shaman Cant Purge Salt Female 23h 53m
Fiorelle 25 Human Warlock Deus Vult Female 21h 44m
Bombujko 25 Orc Warrior Immortal Technique Male 16h 50m
Maago 24 Undead Mage Male 5d 4h 30m
Danad 24 Blood Elf Paladin Male 4d 16h 34m
Aeleria 24 Human Priest League of Lowbies Female 2d 6h 20m
Yiairo 24 Draenei Paladin Male 14h 6m
Vnm 24 Orc Warlock Male 10h 46m
Piri 23 Undead Rogue Above the Law Male 1d 10h 36m
Feluah 23 Undead Warlock Not Quite There Female 1d 1h 45m
Aliveman 23 Undead Warlock Murlocs Stole My Bike Male 17h 40m
Maimbot 23 Troll Hunter Male 12h 33m
Chrizu 22 Troll Hunter Above the Law Male 1d 5h 24m
Hyrulelol 21 Tauren Warrior Male 11h 23m
Cretinsville 21 Blood Elf Paladin Male 9h 52m
Skylet 21 Blood Elf Paladin LEGION DE LOS CAIDOS Female 8h 45m
Dentultwo 20 Orc Hunter Male 14h 57m
Dentul 20 Orc Hunter Male 14h 44m
Dentulthree 20 Orc Hunter Male 14h 41m
Frigus 19 Gnome Mage Olifant Female 16h 5m
Henn 19 Gnome Warlock Olifant Female 15h 25m
Lomiks 19 Blood Elf Paladin Male 9h 3m
Fondan 19 Dwarf Paladin Male 8h 40m
Tanjola 18 Night Elf Warrior Female 20h 26m
Legitprofs 18 Tauren Druid Immortal Technique Male 12h 38m
Profeta 17 Orc Warrior Male 11h 25m
Patatas 17 Undead Mage Male 7h 48m
Ginacass 16 Blood Elf Priest Immortal Technique Female 17h 17m
Vodar 16 Blood Elf Priest Male 11h 29m
Greenzaku 15 Tauren Druid Male 10h 15m
Atleth 15 Undead Warrior Male 10h 13m
Badbee 15 Gnome Warlock Male 6h 39m
Paladinown 15 Human Paladin Male 5h 59m
Lilithlee 15 Human Priest Female 5h 52m
Ostrowin 15 Blood Elf Paladin Male 3h 58m
Jinjervitus 15 Blood Elf Paladin Male 2h 28m
Isotta 14 Night Elf Hunter Female 7h 26m
Foreas 14 Tauren Hunter Male 6h 46m
Svinak 14 Blood Elf Paladin Male 4h 51m
Cikalule 13 Blood Elf Mage Male 6h 15m
Hylea 13 Draenei Shaman Female 5h 29m
Actafool 13 Blood Elf Warlock Female 4h 32m
Senesta 12 Blood Elf Warlock The Dark Exile Female 9h 34m
Healingmagic 12 Troll Priest Male 6h 54m
Bryndin 12 Dwarf Paladin Male 4h 41m
Microwavable 12 Orc Shaman Male 4h 21m
Korino 11 Night Elf Warrior Female 5h 45m
Mistichunter 11 Orc Hunter Male 3h 49m
Portya 11 Draenei Mage Female 3h 48m
Katnej 11 Blood Elf Hunter Female 3h 24m
Mortimor 11 Dwarf Rogue Male 3h 11m
Opewek 10 Tauren Druid ForTheHorde Male 4h 6m
Maeghen 10 Human Rogue Deus Vult Female 3h 10m
Salvazor 10 Blood Elf Hunter Male 2h 43m
Taiki 10 Orc Hunter Male 2h 40m
Tendur 10 Human Warrior Male 2h 19m
Aizem 10 Human Mage Male 2h 0m
Tribullus 10 Dwarf Warrior Male 1h 53m
Terrosteel 9 Human Warrior Male 2h 28m
Smokyhoof 9 Tauren Shaman Male 2h 1m
Blaflbral 7 Undead Warlock Male 2h 19m
Mousetriger 7 Night Elf Hunter Female 2h 2m
Yorugua 7 Dwarf Hunter Male 1h 26m
Fifike 7 Human Mage Female 1h 24m
Hamidjk 7 Blood Elf Paladin Male 1h 1m
Drbeefcastle 7 Blood Elf Paladin Male 48m
Legollaas 6 Blood Elf Hunter Male 47m
Kadavra 6 Gnome Warlock Female 33m
Gileoffrey 5 Undead Rogue Male 1h 58m
Deathvoid 5 Orc Warrior Male 1h 10m
Ixdruidxl 4 Night Elf Druid Female 36m
Kunura 4 Tauren Druid Female 25m
Hajzle 4 Blood Elf Warlock Female 24m
Kurono 4 Orc Shaman Male 22m
Ruskig 3 Undead Rogue Female 21m
Kofeek 3 Human Warrior Male 18m
Ratlex 2 Human Mage ALWAYS ALONE Female 4h 34m
Fartaloot 2 Undead Warlock Male 11m
Xgazpacho 2 Blood Elf Paladin Male 6m
Pappab 1 Troll Mage Male 1d 9h 51m
Bankaa 1 Orc Warrior Pikao Male 23h 42m
Wakaflakka 1 Human Paladin Twilight Unicorn Male 20h 32m
Rileyna 1 Undead Rogue Female 7m
Ceibel 1 Orc Hunter Male 3m
Fittulla 1 Troll Shaman Female 3m