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The Burning Crusade

Version 2.4.3

Rates: x1 - x2


Players Online: 783

Aliance Players328 Players   Horde Players455 Players

Arena Flush: 2d 12h 48m

Season End: 06-Jan-2019 23:59

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News & Updates

Network maintenance

Our provider will have network maintenance tonight at 23:00 CET. Officially we shouldn't be affected, but if we for some reason we go down, the maintenance will officially last until 01:00 CET.

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Alterac Valley - testing

Hey folks! We are planing to thoroughly test Alterac Valley and group queue. We will need your help to make the conditions as realistic as possible. Testing will take place at Friday the 16th November 7 PM ST. GMs will form a raid group on both sides and invite players. The battl...

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Vote event November

The toplists have reset and we are starting a new vote event. If the spots on both sites are reached before the 15th of November the rates will be upped for 3 days! - reach a place in the top 5 on Gtop100 list - reach a place in the top 5 on TopG list - reach a place ...

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Spooky Haloween sale!

Looking for a spooky gift for that special someone, or just for your own character? Search no more! ExcaliburWoW now has sales, 20% off on all items in the itemstore, enjoy! The sales will start at Tuesday 30th of October 13:00 and will last until Thursday the 1st of Novem...

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Revision 119 24-10-2018

General Fixed an issue where the positions of the party members weren't updated properly on the map Fixed an issue that caused ...

Revision 118 03-10-2018

General Temporary skill enhancers will no longer affect player's ability to use certain items Engineering skill enhancers will ...

Revision 117 06-09-2018

General Addressed several exploits and stability issues World Environment Several creatures have had their ...

Revision 116 01-08-2018

General Fixed an issue where sometimes more players could enter a raid instance than it is designed for under certain circumstances ...

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