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The Burning Crusade

Version 2.4.3

Rates: x1 - x2


Players Online: 1544

Aliance Players724 Players   Horde Players820 Players

Arena Flush: 1d 8h 16m

Season End: 25-Mar-2018 23:59

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News & Updates

Happy holidays and goodbye 2017!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone!   Yet another year goes by and we are delighted to be celebrating it with so many new faces as well as many server veterans.   We hope that our little gifts will make your holidays even merrier.   Starting 22:00 tonight there's g...

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Black Friday Sales

Dearest Excalibur players, If you were looking to treat your characters to some new items, or start new ones NOW IS THE TIME! Starting tonight at 10:00 PM all items AND bundles in the itemstore will be 20% OFF for Black Friday! The sales will end on the 25th of November at 10:00 PM server ...

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Double Rates Halloween!

Dearest Excalibur players,   Coming Halloween if you aren't going "Trick-or-treating" you can join us for a DOUBLE RATE event!   DOUBLE RATES (XP, Honor and BoJ) starting Monday (the 30th) 00:01 until Wednesday (the 1st of November) 23:59 server time!!   Let's get this party...

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Backups time changed

Hello everyone,   The server backups time will be changed from 4 AM server time to 6 AM. We are hoping this will make it easier on the guilds raiding around at that time and offer a smoother gameplay.   The times will be changed starting Monday 6 AM server time.   Regards~

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Revision 109 15-01-2018

A few hotfixes applied with today's general maintenance:World Environment  * Moonrage creatures in Pyrewood Village are no longer consi...

Revision 108 10-01-2018

Today the following fixes were applied:General  * Improved gas cloud extraction behaviour  * Improved the random movement synchron...

Revision 107 13-12-2017

Today the following fixes were applied:General * Reputation is now stored as a floating precision value serverside, characters will no…

Revision 106 14-11-2017

Today the following fixes were applied:  General * Only allow the roll winner to loot the item he won in case it cannot be instant...

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